Monday, August 12, 2019

About the Gua Sha Board

(This is for those vendors who have been sending me their products unsolicited: I will NOT review your items on Amazon because of that site's most recent review policies. However, because some of you are so persistent, I will post reviews of your product(s) here on the blog. That said, this post is a review of one another of those products.)

If you are like me, this is the first you are hearing of a Gua Sha Board. To be honest, I don't even know how to pronounce Gua Sha. And it's not that I'm dumb. Even Google was like, Huh?

Well then.

This is what I have pieced together from some more Googling:

Okay, now I am about to tick off some people, but hear me out.

I am woman and love all things to do with beauty. I think that Asian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. Recently, I have explored some Asian beauty products because I love to explore new things. However, from what I have read of Gua Sha, it's in the same league that I put Yoga. Let me explain.

There are some practices - for health, wellness, and medical - that stem from a culture's religion. For instance, I don't practice yoga because I don't want to deal with the spiritual aspects behind it. Yoga is not something that the original practitioners took as lightly as we might in the Western world. I truly believe that there is a spiritual force behind the practice of yoga. As a Christian, I don't want any spiritual force in my life other than the one given by my Lord. I think that Gua Sha might have its own spiritual forces and beliefs infused in the practice.

Controversial, yes, but I have to stick to my own beliefs.

That said, I can't promote this item because I won't be using it. I did want to publish this post so that others can get some background on the tool. Probably, as when I spoke about my views on yoga,  there will be folks bad-mouthing me. That's okay. We are all allowed our opinions.