Friday, October 11, 2019

**REVIEW** Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit

Yeah, I know that it's been a hot minute since I've reviewed anything. I have something good today though. This is a sweet little pod kit that I received to try out.

This is Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod device and it really is one of the thinnest, lightest pod devices I've ever seen. It pretty much twins the Juul for weight - which is 14g with the pod installed (thanks, Google). And I do think that Juul might have some real competition in this device. First, it's from Voopoo; second, it's refillable; and third, it uses a standard charging cable.

I hear people talking about various devices as being possible "Juul-killers" but I think this is the Neo device for real.

This is the side view without the pod attached
The Alpha weighs in empty at 14g (0.5oz) and is just 0.7cm thick. When I fill the pod with a mix of 50/50 pg/vg juice and nic salt it weighs out on my food scale at 14.8g/.0.52oz.

If you are like me, eyeballing grams and ounces is one reason I can screw up simple food recipes. To help you better  visualize how lightweight this device is, I weighed my small tube of lip balm:

not a large-sized Carmex

Also, for perspective, know that my pod-filled Uwell Caliburn weighed out at 33 grams or 1.18 ounces. After handling the Zip, my Caliburn felt like a brick.

These are the details on the kit I tried out:

  • The device itself (powered by Voopoo's famous GENE pod chip and with a 250mAh battery)
  • 1  Alpha Zip 1ml-capacity nic salt pod with 1.8ohm coil (compatible with Drag Nano pods)
  • a standard USB cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

CON: Notice that this came with only the one pod. When I look at the price of additional pods  Drag Nano pods, they run from $7-$9, depending on the source. This is one of those cases of the pods costing almost as much as the actual device...

PRO: The pods are refillable and are supposed to be good for at least 3 refills before needing to be replaced. I always push that limit though so we will see what we will see... Also, there are 5 built-in safety protections:

  1. 10-second vaping overtime
  2. Short-circuit
  3. Overcharge
  4. Over-discharge
  5. Overcurrent output

PRO: As far as performance, this device vapes nicely though it's a little airy. I can block the charging hole halfway to get a tighter vape and I get quite a bit more flavor from this than I do the Caliburn - which surprised me. As I said, I did dilute my nic salt with some regular juice. I think that for a stronger and more ciga-like throat hit, I would need to use nic salt only.

PRO: the pod is simple to fill. The hole is small but I was able to get even my largest drip into it. I do like that juice doesn't leak out. Sometimes, I have wanted to drain a pod to change juice and it's been easy in most devices. This one is almost impossible to drain - which is bad if you want to swap but great for non-leakage. Also, the lid has to be positioned to the correct side in order to cap the pod. That's a minor point but I do have to fiddle a bit to replace the cap after refilling. #firstworldcrybaby

PRO: Because this device is shaped almost exactly like the Juul but is longer, I can sort of hold it in cigarette fashion. Notice that, except for the slightly beveled design, the Zip is just as thin as the Juul. On the other hand, the Zip charges with any USB cord unlike Juul with the proprietary charger that I am always worried about losing when I travel.

CON: One thing I really don't like is that on this silver-colored device, there's an annoying imprint right across the top spelling out ZIP. It's kind of tacky-looking, in my opinion. As you can see, the green shade also has some kind of imprint. Ugh. I wish I had gotten the Red or Peach color... The Grey looks too much like the Juul I have.

Looks like the Green and Silver at the only ones jacked up with an imprint

Like I said, the kit was a try-me so I'm out zero dollars and should quit nitpicking. Looking around online, I see that the price ranges from $13 all the way up to $25. That's not expensive for most folk but I will just keep this ugly Silver one, thank you very much! I am still paying off credit card debt.

PRO & CON: To be honest, as someone who prefers sub-ohm vaping I don't know that I would pay more than $15 for this. However, I do like using pod devices for discretion when I am out and don't want to be seen huffing on a giant mod. I love my Smok Veneno and my fat Voopoo Caliber but they aren't the most delicate devices around.

PRO: This Zip kit felt almost as good as the Juul and we all know that the Juul is pricey and non-refillable. If I used pods exclusively, this Alpha Zip would be my jam.