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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sexiest Man List

I have to do this list, people. My niece and I have a big argument about once every six months about Brad Pitt. She thinks he is THE sexiest man alive. I don't get it. Never have. Maybe he's one of those people with a vibe you pick up on if you meet him in person. My niece had never met this man. She wears glasses, so maybe she's just needing a new pair (for the last 5 years!).

Anyway, she (my niece) and I have decided that the reason I don't find Brad Pitt sexy is because of a generational thing. I'm older, so I'm not feeling the whole Usher, Jay-Z, and most anybody with all that grill/gold crap in their mouths. Maybe.

So, back at my niece, here's my list of Sexiest Men (in no particular order):

  1. Denzel. Of course. He's got that natural & easy kind of charisma. I hope I never meet him because I would probably embarass myself badly. Let that man flash that smile at me & watch the knees buckle... Down she goes. And I like the family-man thing he's got going (with a wife who is like a "real" person & not some plastic, Barbie-doll imitation of womanhood. Lucky, lucky her.)
  2. Keanu Reeves. I don't know. Just something about a man who doesn't seem to pretend about anything. I like the look: handsome & flawed-not-airbrushed. He's got those wonderful eyes and a great smile. He doesn't seem fake & he doesn't seem to be trying to live up to or fit into all that celebrity b.s.
  3. Will Smith. I don't know. He's got the silly, sexy, playful mix going on. And another family man (although I heard a disturbing rumor about a belief in "open" marriage...? That would ruin some of the fantasy for me, but...)
  4. Puffy. Or Diddy. Or Daddy. What is he calling himself these days? ANYway. I like that combination of bad boy/smart. Let this man get a little bit older and settle down some - that's going to be hot.
  5. Maurice White. Y'all know how I feel about Earth, Wind & Fire. I have loved Brother White since I was 14 or 15 years old. Broke my heart that I never got to see E,W & F in concert. Maurice has the wiseman vibe about him. He's so calm and proud of his Blackness. It's probably a good thing I never made it to a concert when I was so young. I might have done something undignified, like throw my draws up on the stage! But now that I'm older and calmer - I could love Maurice right. Black love, y'all. I'm on a roll.
  6. Tyler Perry. Who doesn't love a writer? Plus, he's tall. That's just interesting to me.
  7. Prince. Why? Have you heard this man sing "Adore?" Good mercy. Anybody that comes up with lyrics like that... I always did like his music, but he got even sexier to me when I heard him do Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me."
  8. Steve Harvey. I LOVE this man. First of all, he cracks me up. Second, he kind of "country," like me. I just know he's a good time.
  9. Babyface. He's really sexy, but he's too manicured for me to want to hang out with. I don't mind dolling up for a night out, but day-to-day, I'm a blue jeans, sandals, t-shirt gal. I don't do makeup and hair gel, so I probably would always feel way under-dressed around 'Face.
  10. My former brother-in-law. Yeah, I was the kid sister, trailing around like a love-sick puppy whenever my sister's boyfriend came around. I was just a kid, but I just knew I was in love. It cracked my sister up to see me swooning whenever David came around. My sister is 10 years older than me (so is David), and by the time I was 12, I just knew that she'd stolen the man who was meant for me. When they got married, I was the flower girl. David kissed me on the cheek at the reception & I was in a mental time warp for the rest of the day. To this day, David is like family. Last time I talked to him, he called me "sweet pea." Ladies - there's nothing sexier than a man with a southern drawl calling you "sweet pea." Trust me.
So that's my list. I'm dying to hear back from the rest of you. Who's your "Sexiest?" (Supa, you KNOW I want your list! But you can't include the D.A. from your court days...) Maybe next time I'll have to do my "Un-sexiest" list. You know Brad Pitt's going to be at the top of that one.


Word & Music - all together tonight:
"I will love you anyway/even if you cannot stay..."
(Rufus - "Sweet Thing")


  1. Denzel is my daddy's age and still I got mad love for him-kinda incestuous right:)So he's no 1 easily

    Diddy-Those teeth are disturbing so no.

    I love me some Johnny Depp

    Morris Chestnut-that man is sooo fine

    Lately I been feeling Mekhi Phiffer too

    More to follow when I get back this evening

  2. I like your list; it's possibly the only one I'll ever see with both Steve Harvey and Keanu Reeves!
    Denzel SOOO deserves to be #1!

    As for me, I'm usually into the chocolate types, but Terrence Howard is kinda cute when he doesn't have a perm!

  3. Abeni--How on earth did I forget Morris Chestnut??? Yes, lord. That man is like a human Hershey bar. Um, um, UM! And Tupac I loved me some Pac - that street philosopher thing he had was so hot.

    I like older men too - always have. Of course, "older" for me is ANCIENT for you, lady!

    miz t-- I hear you. A "Hershey" man is a beautiful thang. Terrence is a cutie. He's got those kiss-able lips. I almost had a fantasy & passed out for that kiss scene in "Hustle & Flow"...Goodness.


  4. I'm with you on the whole Brad thing - to me he looks kinda monkey-ish. No! My top totty would have to be Goran Visnjic (Dr Kovac from ER) - maybe it's the accent thing as well as those smouldering good looks.

  5. Hey Rowan (Loving that name, girlfriend!) -- Yeah, I hear you about that. An accent does put a spin on things. (That's how I ended up married! That man said something in that British accent and I got so flustered that by the time I came to my senses, I was wearing a long white dress and putting a ring on his finger! LOL)

  6. Okay, lost me at Keanu. (ewwww!!!) And Tyler Perry & Steve Harvey?? (EWWWWW!!!!) But - to each her own. :)

    Okay, so here are mine:
    1. Denzel
    2. Morris Chestnut
    3. Isaiah Washington
    4. Larenz Tate
    5. Method Man (yeah, he's foine)
    on to some white boyz...
    6. CLIVE OWEN!!!!!
    7. Mark Wahlberg
    8. CLIVE OWEN!!!!!!
    9. Jeff Goldblum (old crush)
    10. Clive muthafuckin OWEN (this crush is borderline unhealthy)

    damn, now I hafta watch "Closer" tonight

  7. oh yeah, Brad is ai'ight. Nothin' special. Plus, I don't get all the Matthew McCaughnehey (sp??) love. He looks scraggly to me.

  8. I'll have to agree with Denzel and Keanu Reeves but here's my list

    1) Denzel

    2) Keanu

    3) Boris Kodjoe-the most gorgeous man in the world

    4) Shemare Moore-the 2nd most gorgeous man in the world

    5) Brad Pitt-the 3rd most gorgeous man in the world.

    6) Johnny Depp-he's really gorgeous but sometimes he can look crazy

    7) Terrence Howard-he's cute in like a 1950s sort of way.

    8) Orlando Bloom-yes, he's super cute, but sometimes, he looks a little to fem. But he's still cute

    9)George Clooney-he is the only man that is middle age besides Denzel that I would marry. He's so gorgeous.

    10)Matthew McCongahuey(sp)-he's super cute

    11)Ricky Martin- he may swing for the other team but he is hot, hot hot

    12)Tyson Beckford-absolutely breaktaking and I love his eyes.

  9. supa... Supa, my friend, you MUST work this Clive Owen thing out, baby. You know this, right? Either that, or one of us hafta get famous enough to hook y'all up. Lord, chile. (And, yeah: Brad - ick!. Matthew... "scraggly" bout says it all. Plus, that whole bongo-playing incident of his kinda put me off...) Now, I know that Tyler and Steve might be borderline - depends on how artistic and humorous they really are - but Keanu... Please don't talk about my baby doll like that. You gonna mess around and not get invited to our wedding. LOL

    Informant Good list! Everytime I see a new name y'all throw out, my list gets longer... (Terrence "in a 1950's sort of way"... Yeh, so put ME in his time machine NOW!)

    Ooh... I can't wait to see what y'all gonna do with my "Not Hot" list. (I may have to make that one a little longer...)

  10. :-( Puffy? LOL I think he is a swell dresser.

    I think that Morris Chestnut is fine when he is not showing his hairy chest (look like a bunch of beady beads)

    I also would have to say Omar Epps and Mekhi Phifer don't know if I'm spelling it right. I love chocolate brothers mmmmm mmmmm mmmm

    Oh I just noticed abeni's list. I see she has mekhi phifer on her's too and My man morris chestnut you got good taste girl.