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Monday, March 30, 2009

Damnit Facebook!

Don't talk to me right now about Facebook. I'm serious.

For months, I heard about Facebook. "You should get a Facebook account." "Facebook will make it easy to keep in touch with family and friends." Facebook this, Facebook that...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So. I got a Facebook account. Set up the profile. Put up pictures of the fam. Fiddled with the searching for friends. Sent out some invites... Thought all was well. I even convinced one friend to join right away. I now had 1 friend. Another person hit me on Twitter and became my 2nd friend. (I don't know if he really wanted to or if he just felt sorry for my pitiful, one-friend-having ass!)

Skip forward a week or so and...

Tonight, my baby brother called me. We got to chatting & I told him all about how he should be on Facebook. I'm thinking this would be a good way for him to network since he's trying to get some voice-over work. And, as usual, I talk like I know more than I actually do. (It's genetic.)

"I bet it'll be better than MySpace," I told him. "Facebook seems more 'serious,' and, plus, then we can keep in touch better."

After we talked, I decided to shoot him an email with all my other web presences listed - you know, the blogs, Twitter and... Facebook.

Um hum.

I had a little trouble trying to include a link in the mail cause I had no freaking idea what my Facebook url is. Still don't know.


I googled for some help:
"What is my Facebook url?" (God please bless Google.)

Well. It seems that a LOT of people ask that very same question. Seems that I'm not just an idiot.

One suggested solution to the issue: set up a Fan Page on Facebook. That way, you get to name the page & grab a url.

All-righty then.

I went back to Facebook and, after much fumbling/stumbling around, did a "search" and found where to set up a fan page. I'd even thought of a cute name for my page: "Nickname Penny." Okay. Good, good.

Except... When I start selecting radio buttons for
type of page and all that, I see that I should either be a business, a brand or a public figure. I didn't see anything for "personal," "individual," or just "goofball wanting a page to get a url."


I think I finally just chose brand. What the hell, right? So guess what? I now have 2 things to be irritated with:

1 - a Facebook profile (with no url I can decipher), and
2 - a Facebook fan page (with a url that includes "search help" in it)

I ended up just pasting something into the email to baby bro. Maybe he can figure that shit out. Now I know why all the people I invited to join Facebook haven't done so. (They probably already know what a pain in the ass it is.)

I give up for the night. I'm going to take a breather and put this mess aside until tomorrow. If I'm still hating Facebook come morning, I'm deleting that sucker.
Damnit, Facebook!

Peace (for somebody, anyway)

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