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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pet Peeves & Mood Swings

I have a bunch of pet peeves, but I have learned that there are bigger things in life to concern myself with than the petty stuff - so I usually ignore my pet peeves and just thank God for my blessings.


I have two pet peeves that just hang with me -

Number One: people who ask you something just so they can argue their own point. You know what I mean - the person who asks something like, I don't know, how you like A-line dresses. Then when you say that you like them fine, they look all right - or whatever you have to say about A-line dresses - the person who asked your opinion proceeds to tell you all that is wrong with A-line dresses and why THEY prefer wrap style dresses with less of a flounce...

What the hell??? You didn't start this conversation with them. And you don't really care which style dress they like. But. THEY asked YOU YOUR opinion. So why then are they going to get into a pissing match with you about it?

So that's my biggest pet peeve of all because before you know it, the person has got this self-satisfied SMUG look on their face while they shrug you off and turn to the clerk and ask to be shown all the A-line dresses in stock. And, of course, it looks as though YOU were challenging their opinion...

Why do people play these games? Boredom. Unhappiness. Spite. Passive-aggressive issues to do with their feeling of importance? Bad day at the office? What? What they hell causes such mean-spirited bullshit?


My peeve was more personal to me, but the next one is maybe more irritating because it can happen anywhere to anyone.

Number Two (and this is one that a blog buddy & I have emailed back and forth about since she had some issues in her life): People who don't know the meaning of "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" (or however the actual saying goes).

Blog Buddy (BB) and I had a good laugh over a co-worker of hers who just LOVES to point out the faults of other people - when she has some of the exact same faults. For instance - and this is the one that had BB really heated up - the time when Ms. Critic had the nerve to say that another co-worker was ..... wait for it, wait for it.... "too critical." Yeah. And this is after she had sent another co-worker to the bathroom in tears after ranting about how poorly she had done a particular duty. (BB says that the tearful co-worker is one of the sweetest folks you'd want to work with.) Of course, BB is no timid Milly. She had to go off (just a little) and point out to Ms. Critic how insensitive she was. BB reminded this chick that she tended to be a little bit nit-picky herself. Of course, Ms. Critic couldn't see this at all. BB says the woman looked absolutely stunned to think that anyone saw her as being "critical."

Amazing. Throwing stones, caught HOLDING the damn rock with shattered glass all around your feet, and still being surprised when someone calls you on it. "Who? Me? Why, nooo, I was just cleaning up these stones and all that pesky glass...."

BB is now on a mission. She says that she talked Ms. Critic into thinking that it will be for her own good if someone is kind enough to point out to her when she is being a little critical. And BB has appointed herself as the lucky "someone." Kind of has Ms. Critic backed into a corner, huh? The whole time BB is smiling at her, Critic just knows she's waiting to pounce whenever she makes a nasty move. Brilliant.

Like I said though, people just amaze me. I guess they don't ever remember every good Mama's rule of thumb about treating people the way you want to be treated. Nasty is as nasty does, and all that. I mean, do people think they're always going to be the one with the upper hand? Don't they ever stop and think that the power, money, position - or whatever it is they have is not just a blessing but also a test? I mean, if you can't be a decent person when things are going well for you, what the hell kind of person are you going to be if things get tough for you?

I just don't understand people. Oh well, that's why I have my blog. I can get all this kind of stuff off my chest and I don't go nuts. I pack all this away in my little notebook on the study of Why People Do The Things They Do and call it another lesson in the course on humility that God is putting me through - hahaha...

So, Blog Buddy, maybe we should do a post together one day on all the rest of our pet peeves?


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