Thursday, March 19, 2009

Totally Random Riff

  • Every now & then, I like to put brown sugar in my coffee. I like the different kind of sweetness that I get with it.
  • No matter how broke I get, I always keep Ambi & Oil of Olay Rengenerist on hand. I mix them and use every morning and night.
  • I hate my hair right now. Too dry. Too unpredictable.
  • I belong to too many sites online. Can barely keep up.
  • I think people with dimples are cute.
  • I have no idea who "Nas" is, but I like reading about him & his wife on the gossip sites.
  • I think Anderson Cooper is hot. I read somewhere that he is gay. I hope not (and how selfish is that? Like I'll ever meet him anyway.)
  • I love sardines.
  • I hate anchovies.
  • I get daily Bible verses by email & sometimes I delete them without reading them.
  • I'm really jealous of Beyonce (but, well, who the hell isn't?)
  • I think that Steve Harvey is hot. He has dimples, damnit.
  • I had a secret crush on a minister once. A married minister. (Not so secret since my husband knew. He told the minister I had a crush on him.)
  • I'm always ordering things out of ignorance in restaurants. Once I ordered Crudités because the name sounded cool. I didn't know they were raw veggies. (I also had to look up the word because I'd forgotten how to spell Crudités.) My mother was with me & she laughed through the whole lunch.
  • I have a weakness for pickled beets. And also garlic stuffed olives. I'm a garlic-aholic. I can't wait to try garlic ice cream.
  • I often boldly criticisze things that I later end up liking. Example One: The Show "American Gothic." Example Two: The Harry Potter books. Example Three: liver and onions.
  • I don't like pictures/paintings of people in the bedroom walls. I feel like the eyes are following me.
  • If I am really tired, I will sleep "ready roll." My husband hates this.
  • I have insomnia.
  • I am slightly manic-depressive.
  • I don't like to walk on dirt, mud or grass. Even with shoes on.
  • I have never smoked pot, but I got a really deep contact high when I was young. Scared the crap outta me.
  • I'm very picky about my alcohol. I only like very sweet wines, Corona beer, but I can't drink any whiskey straight. And I love cognac.
  • I'm addicted to sunflower seeds. Salted and in the shell.
  • I've never lived alone for any long period & I have a fear of it. Can't sleep, hear noises. Will usually stay awake all night & day sleep.
  • I'm extremely generous when I have anything to give, but I can be selfish with my time.
  • I'm a loner.
  • I'm no rocket scientist, but I find smart men very sexy.
  • I got so drunk one time that I thought I was going to die. Well, not really, but I kinda hoped I would die.
  • I have a big family & I love it. I don't like everyone in my family, but I love everyone in my family...
  • I love to cook. Sometimes I can really mess up a recipe.
  • I love cheesecake, hot biscuits with butter and apricot-pineapple preserves.
  • I don't know why I shared all this, but I feel better.

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