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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Got Me Going In Circles

I see that quite a few of my G+ pals read the blog. This is why I sometimes use it as a platform for issues that first come to my attention on Google. Right now, I want to explain something I did the other day.

When I first signed up on Google Plus, I was so happy to be free of Facebook that I lost 95 percent of my mind and went on a Circle adding spree. If someone made one decent comment, I added them. If a user profile had anything about Alaska, the Northwest, cold weather or snow tires in their profile - I added them. Pretty soon, I was adding people who weren't even posting in a language I could read or translate!

This "Add Madness" happened in a pretty short period of time. November 2011 is the closest I can come to nailing down my start on Plus. In that 14 or so months, I'd gathered over 3400 people into my Circles. I talked to about 40 of them on a regular basis and was able to pay attention to a few more "social-ebrities" as I call people with good content and a large following. (Actually, there is one fabulous photographer over there who I just l.o.v.e. because he always acknowledges his fans. Beautiful.)

Anyway. A while ago, I decided it was time for some paring of the Circles. I started with trimming people I never saw online anymore, then decided I will keep trimming bases on the following:

  • If you only ever post the rudest or lewdest - I don't want you in.
  • You're argumentative and snotty - or both, well, you don't need to share it with me.
  • You're not a president or royalty, but you can't be bothered to interact with your circlers, then, "Buh-bye."
I've kept only people I can learn from and laugh or respectfully debate with. Even if you are kind of a social-ebrity, if you seem too arrogant or into yourself, I'll just "cut ya" like a drunk sailor.

Okay. So, now that I'm down to a really good group of people, I can enjoy and relax with Plus instead of working it like an unpaid job.

The thing now is, how do I meet new people on Plus? I changed up my profile, hoping to attract only decent people who want to actually share ideas and fun. Either people don't bother much with the reading of profiles, or I screwed up something.

Well, here's the deal: I will add you if you let me know who you are what you're about. That requires either an email, message or anything other than that "Add" button on Plus. I totally ignore those Added You notices now. Totally. They just clutter up my email with willy-nilly nonsense from folks who aren't telling me anything about themselves - except that they obviously didn't read my profile.

Okay. That was my little rant for the day. I know it sounds selfish, but I figure if you do Add me now, it's because you really wanted to. (And, be warned: if you come into my Circles, I will probably introduce you to someone I think you might like to know yourself. That's the way to grow Circles.)