Sunday, January 06, 2013

Phones Smarter Than Us

A G+ user shared an interesting post the other day and I can't stop thinking about it. The post linked to an Mashable article (Apps: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know You Could Do With Your Smartphone") that had me up for hours checking out apps on Google Play.

Some time ago, I downloaded the useful Pressure Log app to keep track of my blood pressure, weight and exercise. My doctor appreciates is greatly because this Sarc has given me a mind like a steel trap. A rusty steel trap. I can't remember my phone number, let alone where I last set down my written pressure numbers. The app is a lifesaver. Of course, now I realize just how many amazingly useful apps are out there on the market. I certainly learned about some new ones, but I made a list of ones I have used over the last few years. Maybe you will like some of them for yourself:

  • WeatherBug is a favorite because, living here in Alaska, I am a fanatic about outdoor temps. Is it too cold to go to Walmart? How long do we need to let the car run to warm up? Do I miss Baby D.J. enough to get out there for a visit or will a phone call do? ("Hi, Stinks!!!)
  • I l.o.v.e. Bump. Loved it more when my niece +Gabrielle B lived here. We had a blast sharing pics and apps and stuff. ~sniff~ I miss you living here, Gabs. So sorry you have to go back home tomorrow... Now, I mostly use Bump to share between my phone and PC.
  • Classic Notes Lite is my constant companion. It's the memory thing again. I have half my book stored in this notes app. One day, I will get all that into manuscript format. Of course, there are similar apps you can check out: Extensive Notes, Simply Note B/W, and Styled WikiNotes are just a few.
  • I don't drive much anymore, but I have GasBuddy installed to navigate my friends-slash-chauffeurs to the nearest and cheapest gas stations. It's the least I can do since I drive them crazy with my backseat-driving mania.
  • In the darkness of Alaska winters, everyone here should have something like Flashlight LED Genius. I downloaded this when I walked into a wall and damn near knocked myself out going to the bathroom one night. I still run into things every now and then, but at least I can describe what I hit. (My niece prefers Brightest Flashlight so I am giving it a try.)
  • Because I on a budget so tight that I have to squeeze Mr. Lincoln til he screams, I downloaded the Expense Manager app. Because I am forgetful, it doesn't do much good. For others, though, I think that it might be perfect for setting limits and tracking expenses. A friend uses it and says she now can't live without it. 
I love my phone and I love my apps. I think I love the apps more. (Someone reading the Mashable article had me laughing at "Can you still call with them?" Who cares? Calls just interrupt my Angry Birds game.


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