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***REVIEW*** Glade Wax Melts and Plugins Scented Oil Customizables

I received and coupons for a Glade Wax Melts and a Plugin Scented Oil Customizable starter kit. I got  the freebies to  try as part of my BzzAgent membership.

First off, the wall plugin unit is really pretty. It's also pretty big. I have a TrueAir (filter) plugin which I love except for its size. The Glade is not quite as large and it's very lightweight, but you can see how the two items compare.

Glade on the left. (Scuse my messy room)

Not sure if my glasses help for size relation, but...
I do love that the unit is pretty. The photo doesn't capture how nice it blends in with my decor. (Probably because my 'decor' at 4 a.m. is jeans and purse tossed on the floor next to my bookcase!)

You can't tell, but I have the Glade plugged in to the top outlet. There is room for using the bottom outlet. I can't do that with the TrueAir which takes up too much space. To be fair, the TrueAir is filter. But how cute is the Glade plugin?

Hmmm... I need to tidy the bookshelf!

Now, looks are important, but the fragrance is the real key, right? So...

I am going to give it some more time because after two hours, I don't notice much.My room is maybe 10x8 - not tiny, but not a gangsta-sized space. I turned off my air filter (not the TrueAir, which I unplugged) and closed the window that I had cracked the teeniest bit.

Still... nothing.

Usually, I have a candle burning or a different brand of wax melt going. I've scented my room nicely with a tealight candle. Mainstays has a 3oz Lemon Cake candle I get for one dollar. Whenever I light it, I gain half a pound just from the wonderful smell. I guess you can say that I was a little disappointed with the Glade Plugin.

Don't forget that I also received a coupon for a free set of 8 wax melts. I decided to see if they work better than the plugin.

A bit thicker than other melts

See? (Hope I don't get in trouble for the penny.)

When I picked out the melts at the store, I'd noticed that it was hard to catch a good whiff of the Cashmere Woods melts through the packaging. I did get a faint hint though. I assumed that the melting process would bring out the goodness.


I hate to say just how disappointed I am. More so for the plugin because of the pricing (over $8 here in Alaska) and because of the expectations. I checked out some of the other Glade products while at the store. Nice scents and much more noticeable. In order to get a feel for the Customizable plugin and the wax melts, I had to get my nose right down next to both.

Since BzzAgent is great about supplying coupons to share, I've handed out some to 5 people so far. Pretty sure I won't hear back from the people I handed out to while in the store, but I have some friends and family who are going to use their coupons soon. Can't wait to hear what they think. Good thing is, they are the kind to pick a totally different scent from what I chose Maybe they'll have a better opinion. I will be sure to update this review when I get their feedback.

Bottom line for me: If I had to score this on a scale of 10, I have to give both items a 3. Great design on the plugin, nice size on the melts, but... ~shrug~ I don't want a great-looking but useless person in my life. Same goes for products.

I'm not quite done yet. (I know. I go on and onnnn...)

Here's the thing, because I got a refund on something I returned to the store, I went ahead and picked up a Glade automatic spray refill. I don't remember what the original price was, but I got a markdown price of around $2.00. I chose the Cashmere Woods (which, for some reason, I keep calling Cashmere Mist) scent.

Sprayed the whole apartment & tons left in the can

Now THIS is something I can love. Spray it and the air smells like someone walked through the room wearing a light perfume very well. I'm not kidding. It's a sort of soft, Oriental-hued scent. A couple of sprays made my room smell like a relaxation chamber. Mmmm... So nice. It's a very lasting scent. Love that. The way my room mate smokes, I need to buy this by the freaking case.



  1. I'm going to be reviewing these as well. I'm disappointed that they didn't send a coupon for the wax kit, just the melts. How the heck am I going to melt them???

  2. I fell out laughing @ "How the heck am I going to melt them?" LOL That's JUST what I was thinking.

    Maybe it's because I am using a ceramic hot pot set-up that they don't smell as strong. Or maybe not. I saw other reviews on Bzz where everyone raved about the great & long-lasting scent. The scent IS great - if you use it in a tiny closet or bathroom, but not in a large bedroom... ~sigh~ I still heart the spray most.


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