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**REVIEW** Pelican ProGear Voyager Case & Holster

I like to boast that I am always very careful with my phones. And, usually, I am. VERY careful.

Next to my vehicle, my phone is probably the most important necessity in my day to day life. It's not just a convenience (though it is very handy) but. because of my memory and health issues, it's my lifeline. Seriously. Besides all that, I haven't had a landline phone since living in Arizona some years ago.

Out of all the cellphones I've owned, I've lost one and dropped another into water. The one I couldn't find disappeared under really strange circumstances (as did a few other things) in the house in Arizona. We decided that we had a Bermuda Zone type of thing going on in one spot in that house. I'm not kidding, but that's a post for another day.

Every other phone I've had, I've kept til they die. Even back when I could afford to buy new phones whenever I wanted, I thought it was a stupid waste of money. Phones are not cheap. This is why I try to be so careful with mine.

I love a good case, and this one is my absolute favorite of all time:

The clip swivels and makes a stand
Pelican ProGear Voyager Case & Holster for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 Black
Those stripes are not that visible, btw

That's the ProGear Voyager Case & Holster by Pelican I have. Of course, I got the one made for my Galaxy Note 4, but there are models for most popular phones.

I got mine at AT&T because I dropped my phone while I was right down the walkway from the store at the mall. If I hadn't been so paranoid about waiting a few more days, I could have saved $10 by getting it at Amazon.

Real quick, before I get to the review, let me mention that this is the best link to the Pelican site if you're looking specifically for phone cases. I didn't realize that Pelican made cases for lots of products, but you can get to the main page at their official site for all of that by going here. Their Amazon page of products is here. (Can you tell by now that I really like these guys? Good, cos I do.)

Now. Where to start with all that I love about this:
  • Fits very securely around the case of my phone
  • Is not heavy like some cases
  • Holster/Clip detaches for fitting into another outer case if you want
  • The clip functions as a stand & stand extends to several stages of placement
  • Clip has a hooked bottom so it won't slide off or pockets
  • Case comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee in case it breaks
Personally, I can say that I like this case way better than one I got by the much hyped Otterbox brand a few years back. That case cracked at one edge, then the replacement they sent also cracked. Done with that.

Not that I was trying to put the case to a real-life test, but.... I did. Right after I got the case, I dropped my phone (or, rather, DJ bumped it out of my hand) onto a concrete floor at Walmart. The case did protect my phone. I'd already put a crack in the glass screen protector (which I'd been smart enough to get when I bought the phone) and even that crack didn't get any worse. I think the Pelican is "military rated" to drop at about 4 feet. I'm 5 foot 5 and I dropped my phone from about waist high.

Almost more than I like that this protects my phone is the fact that the stand is so good. The last stand I used with a case was sort of flimsy. The bottom would skid and topple the phone over. This one is nicest because it has 5 position tabs, rotates, and is steadied with a metal claw.

Lots of notches for positioning the stand
(notice the bottom where the "tooth" is on clip

Clip rotates for horizontal or vertical wear
 If I have to nitpick for some negatives...

In this position, holster won't/shouldn't be
detached from phone
There's no slot for ID/cards or folding money (but that's the same for most hardback cases), and I'm not crazy about the fact that there's no camera hole in the holster. I have to detach the holster/clip part to use the rear camera. Also, I sometimes forget to rotate the clip so that it's easier to remove the holster. But that's all really petty considering how well this case protects my investment.

I did recently find a really affordable faux leather case with clip that will work with the Pelican case (minus the holster/clip attachment). It's not made for holding cards or folding money either, but some other reviewers have told me that I can fit those things in with the phone. I would just have to be careful not to lose those items when removing the phone from the case.

INSERT PHOTO of that item

Like I said, I had to really look for some Cons with this Pelican case. I'm beyond impressed - not just with the case but with the guarantee. All I can say is "Yay for Pelican!" I don't think I will ever want a case by anyone else. (But "Boo! to AT&T for the jacked up price...)

There you have it. Pelican is apparently well thought of by other reviewers for good reason. I wish I could find more variety in colors from them for this phone. Or even one of their cases made with a ID/money slot.



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