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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The last several days of the McCain/Palin mess has me tuckered out. So, today during my afternoon errands run, I shut off the talk radio and turned up the Earth, Wind & Fire.


Nothing like EWF to mellow you all the way out.

Seriously. When's the last time you heard horns like those on "In the Stone"? Or a slow jam like "Wait"? This is stuff you can crank up in the car and not die of shame when you pass a car filled with little kids. No talk about grinding or thongs or mysteriously named body parts. Just plain ol' good music and musicianship.

I haven't listened to much new music lately (except for that damn Hannah Whoever mess that my niece is obsessed with and those little Jonas people and whatever I happen to hear sonic-booming my car when I'm driving around town). I wonder if there are any artists out there actually using instruments the way EWF or Barry White did. Are any of them pouring their soul into their songs like Lenny Williams or Otis Redding or Teddy P. did? The last attempt at putting some old school soul and sweat into their craft was youngsters along the lines of Jodeci (who were good, but sometimes ruined it all by trying just a. little. too. hard).

So, anyway, I just had to toss out that little rant. Maybe some of your "growner" folk will be inspired to take a cue from Mr. Pendergrass and "turn out the lights and light a candle"...


She was vetted - sort of

I've said it before & I'll say it again: I don't know why the HELL anyone would want to run for such high public office especially when you read stuff like this about what goes into the vetting process. (And, by the way, until I look it up, can someone please tell me where the term "vetting" came from???)

So, McCain's people are saying the vetted Palin. Oooo-kay... so he still picked her? Gracious. What great judgment that shows.

Actually, I'm not so bothered by McCain picking Palin. I'm bothered more by Palin accepting. Here's why:

  1. As someone on a talk-radio show brought up, back when Clinton was touting the "it takes a village" message, Republicans were protesting with, "No, it takes a mother and father", etc. So, let me ask this: what village is going to help Palin (mother of five & running for VP) raise a special needs infant?
  2. Palin wants the Clinton voters. Why? Palin didn't like Clinton's message to the Clinton voters. She and Clinton have nothing in common except for the fact that they are women.
  3. Palin plays the gender card when it suits her. One minute, she's to be fawned over because she is a "woman" governer. The next minute, no one should bring up her responsibilities as a mother (because they wouldn't do the same to a man).
  4. Some of the things that endeared her to Alaskan voters (refusing to be away from her family a lot & even adjusting her schedule to allow for that) is not an option for a VP.
  5. She wants to compare herself to Clinton (who reminded us that she wasn't a cookie-baking, stay-at-home mommy) while still pandering to the cookie-baking, stay-at-home mommies. Pick one, girl. Define yourself by your actions, not your words.
  6. If a parent is going to voluntarily put themselves in the public spotlight, plan ahead. Find out what kinds of pics your kids have posted up online.
  7. If a candidate is going to brag about being open and honest, don't use your infant to shield the pregnant belly of your teenager because you weren't being open and honest...