Friday, September 05, 2008

Boo AT&T, BOO!!!!

Okay. I'm a little bit heated.

I finally get some national cellular service that actually hits Alaska without price-gauging me like local companies will do... but I will be danged if I still can't get full respect JUST BECAUSE I LIVE IN ALASKA...

Okay, here's what AT&T advertises as the MediaNet service:

MEdia Net Unlimited $15.00 -

  • Unlimited high-quality video with CV,
  • unlimited mobile web, and
  • unlimited access to email, ringtones, games, music and more.

And that is straight from their website (which might have disclaimers) and also from the service rep who hooked me up (and sista gal didn't mention any "not in Alaska" mess when she was putting in my order...)

Here's what I get - because I LIVE IN ALASKA, damnit:

  • unlimited mobile web.....Check
  • unlimited access to email, ringtones*, games*, music* and more ....Check
*the access is free but the items are not (unless you got something like Zedge, which I do!)

Notice what I'm, missing??? That high-quality CV, right?

Because the rep had gotten me all excited about the CV, I was pretty sad when I couldn't get anything to load. I contacted AT&T and was told that because my area (Alaska) doesn't have the 3g network (whatever the heck that is), I don't get CV.


What's not cool is that I also don't get a discount on the service.

Now, is it just me or doesn't it seem reasonable to you that if I'm paying $15/month for a 3-part service and I only get 2 parts ... a $5/mo discount should be allowed??? Is that just me???

I'm not done yet. I'm going to be contacting somebody at AT&T to find out why my $15 in Alaska doesn't get what $15 does in the Lower 48. Because here's the thing: I just KNOW that when they DO get that 3g or whatever up here, they're going to want to charge Alaskans MORE for the service. It always happens, never fails.

In the meantime, 2 things:

  1. I'm blabbing EVERYWHERE - on every survey panel, blog, website and phone call I get to - about this tricky little billing glitch for Alaskans, and
  2. BOOOOO to AT&T. That's not good customer service, people!