Friday, May 28, 2010

Um, Yeah... Okay

I am just in one of those moods! Just about everyone and everything I see lately is funny to me. Especially those people who are so critical but have obviously never looked at The Man In the Mirror (sing it, Micheal!)...

I was in a store not long ago & I remember being tickled by this lady giving another lady the oh-no-you-di'nt look. I guess Lady#1 was not impressed that Lady#2 (who was a little on the big side) was wearing some vacuum-sealed, panty-short shorts. Okay, I get it: some folks shouldn't wear certain types of clothes when they are of a certain age, size or body-shape. Got it. BUT - Lady#1 had a little bit of nerve to be giving ANYbody else the side-eye over wardrobe choices. Lady#1 wasn't a big girl, but she was sporting some nasty cellulite, so I don't think HER choice of shorts was wise. To top it off, she was wearing one of those t-back tank tops WITH a regular bra & that bra was not clean. So.... *smh*

When I was younger, I was one of those super-critical, ultra-catty heffas. I mean, I'd crack on just about anybody for the way they wore their hair, clothes, makeup... You name it. I was just a rude child (at least when my mama wasn't around to put me in check), so I'm not totally innocent here. But, dang - some folks just need not to make an Olympic sport of the casual critique. I hear crazy crap all the time...

My pet peeve is when people use the word "ghetto" to describe someone with no manners. Like there aren't people who were raised or live in the inner city who don't have manners. (And we know that when people say "ghetto," they usually mean "black." No shame in speaking the truth here!) What's that about? I've noticed that there are a lot of people raised in upper-middle and wealthy homes who can slap on a "ghetto" slang and vibe like nobody's business. And I have personally heard some young non-black girls who sound "blacker" (I know, I know - like there is a "black" way to sound!) than any rapper. Now, my very favorite is to hear one person call another person "ghetto" when they don't sound (or act) much better. I always want to say: "See a little more of the world outside your own before you get uppity."

My next peeve is something that mostly WOMEN are bad about. (Okay, maybe not, but I hear this from more women than men). It's when a woman is very, very picky about what she wants in a man, but... Um, let's just say that HER qualities are not exactly up to par. Come on, now, you all know what I mean. You have some chick who needs a lot of acrylic (hair, nails, etc) to get out of coyote ugly range, but she just will not even LOOK at a guy unless he could make someone's "Most Beautiful" list.

Now, over to the GUYS: what y'all are bad about (at least that I've seen), is wanting to get some nice, respectable, gorgeous woman when YOU barely have a job (if you do), have no idea of how to treat a woman, AND is the kind of guy that no self-respecting woman would want to introduce to anyone as her man. I mean, really, guys. You want to walk around acting like an ignorant fool, but you want to be in the company of a classy woman? Uh uh. Won't happen. (Okay, maybe it will - ONCE - but only because she thinks you are someone worth building up. Fail that and - zip - you're done. Back to the bottom of the social heap.)

Another peeve? Those folks who just love to brag. "I got this" and "I got that." Or: "I only buy this kind of such-and-such," and "I'm gonna be getting this or that"... Chile, please. Just. Stop. You been so busy trying to talk a game that you must have forgot that I know where you come from. You don't own your home, you don't own your car, and if you have any credit, you're drowning in debt. Oh, yeah, and let's not forget that while you're rocking the latest fashions, your house is nasty and if they had a sale on common sense and future planning, you'd have to hock that attitude of yours to buy any.

Finally, I cannot leave the main peeve off the list: I call these folks "Mouth Christians." Yep. If you just listened to what they said in church or in their prayers, you'd think they had time-share in Heaven already. But when it comes down to actually BEING charitable or caring or forgiving.... No-ho-ho-ho!!! Not them. They just LIVE for the moment when they can "pay" back someone for something wrong. (Now, we don't have to worry about these folks. I believe they will get into Heaven if they do believe on Jesus, but I have a feeling they are really pushing their luck down here on earth. Jesus knows what we do.)

Anyway, I know that this wasn't a real decent post. I'm feeling a little out of sorts & having trouble concentrating. I'm headed back to Anchorage this weekend and I have a lot on my mind. This post was really just a way to think about something else but the road ahead for a minute or two. Y'all please be praying for me, that I have a safe flight & that God look over my silly little self.