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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Things (again)

I haven't done the "Random Riff" thing in a while. Here goes:

  • I feel so fat that I don't like my body at all.
  • I'm starting to like my short hair. I can always weave some in if I want more.
  • This winter damn near killed me. The cold, the dark and the sarcoidosis. Yuck.
  • Life really scares me right now. Some days I think I'm going to be all right, some days I can barely face getting out of bed.
  • I really, really need to be in love again. 
  • I want to be in love again. 
  • I believe that humans are meant to love. 
  • I believe that we need love as much as we need air and water. Maybe more.
  • I am kind of scared to trust anyone enough to be in love.
  • I'm a little bit scared that no one will ever really love me the way I need to be loved.
  • How do I need to be loved?
  • I don't know the answer to that last question.
  • My "sweet tooth" has gone away. I rarely crave chocolate anymore.
  • I find that I'm in one of my cussing modes lately. I'm talking the hard stuff: You bit*h, f**k you, stupid ba*tard... Wonder why I cuss so much sometimes & can't stand it other times.
  • I would like to have a puppy. One just like my poor little Rags...
  • I used to still love Tim even when I wasn't in love with him anymore. I don't love him anymore.
  • That's a strange way to feel about someone I once loved so much.
  • Isn't it?
  • I threw out my finished trilogy. Had to clean all the Tim out of my life.
  • My cat acts like he can understand when I talk to him. About cooking, writing - anything.
  • That whole cat-thing up there sounds a little crazy.
  • I have been neglecting my best friends lately. I need to stop that.
  • I dream about my mother and father a lot lately & don't know why that is.
  • I really don't want to be sick anymore.
  • I have run out of things to say right now. That doesn't hardly ever happen to me.