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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Speaking of Learning

Since I mentioned my hopes of getting into the field of coding, I thought I would pass along links to the different sites I've been seeing. Whether you are looking to learn something, or find (like me) a new career path, or are just interested in learning for its own sake, here are some resources:

For coding -
  • Codeacademy (nicely set up for the beginner to track learning progress)
  • W3Schools (self-described as "the world's largest development site)
  • Udacity has an Intro to Computer Sciences that looks organized & practical.
  • Hackety Hack is a downloadable program to teach you to... program. 
For app development & other -
  • Coursera offers free courses of all kinds, including those in computer science. Check to see which courses are open for which dates. 
  • General Assembly offers courses both online and in classroom. The Mobile Development and  Web Development courses look interesting.
  • Sitepoint offers to show how to design apps without having programming skills. (Should I be worried?)
  • Mozilla offers a tool to help you get creative while Google has a learning spot for developers interested in their products. (Now that Google has surpassed Apple as the most valuable company, it might be nice to jump in on the learning.)
There are tons of courses and classes and intructors to be found on the web for just about anything you want to learn. For this post, I listed sites that I have seen mentioned more than once in articles and reviews. I also tried to list only free courses, but some sites offer a choice of free and paid, so read the small print. Most of all, have fun learning something new. At 50-and-change, I am just trying to keep up with the kids.


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