Monday, November 04, 2013

**REVIEW** Lancome DreamTone. It's About to Get Pretty Around Here!

My SheSpeaks campaign for Lancome's DreamTone Customized Skin Tone Correcting Serum starts right now. I received my complimentary package of product in the mail today and I just went into the bathroom and baby-wiped my face clean to put some on.

It feels really good. It has a really faint color (and I am using the tone for "Dark" skin), no odor and a very, very creamy texture that just sort of wisps onto the skin. I can't even tell you how cool the product is packaged. There's no top to pop off and get lost. You simply twist to raise and expose the dispensing nozzle. Because I was entertained by the idea, I spent at least two minutes just twisting the bottle opened and closed. Judge me if you want.

And now... I'm taking a big breath here because I have to be brave and expose this freaking "Before" pic for you:

Maybe I will have a cute hairstyle by the 30th.

Yeah, I'm very self-conscious about being photographed. It was just me and my lonely in the bathroom mirror but I got nervous when I heard the dog whining outside the door.

Now I have to use the product for 4 weeks. I will be back here with an "After" pic and the final review on the 30th.

(I will be tweeting any reveiw updates via Twitter. Check other users talk under the #bareselfie movement and #DreamTone.)



  1. Hi--great post! I am using this (via SheSpeaks) as well. I've been using it for about a week, but haven't seen a big change, yet. I'm self conscious, too about having my photo taken too--especially bare faced. ;) You look great!

  2. Hi Sandy. So happy to hear from someone else using the product - especially a SheSpeaks sister. I have to go check out your blog now!

    Do you notice anything with the DreamTone as far as whether it leaves your skin feeling different? I have that sort-of-dry feel if I don't go heavier on my other moisturizer. Still testing tho.

  3. (Oh & by the way, Miss Sandy - I see your profile photo over there, looking all cute & everything! You are just being modest :-)