Friday, February 08, 2013

Get Fit or Sprain Something Trying

There are pros and cons to every aspect of my life. I have a Love/Hate list that would wear out Gutenberg's press. For example:

LOVE all the modern medicine that likely saved my life/HATE that *&#%ing prednisone that made me look like I was pregnant with whole world.

  • LOVE my cellphone/HATE the bill.
  • LOVE television for the entertainment/HATE that it sucks time into a vacuum of nevermore-land.
  • LOVE the internet for all the easily accessible information/HATE it for the same reasons I hate my cellphone and television.
  • LOVE all the nifty apps I can download to my phone and tablet/HATE that they kill all my excuses for being lazy, late, unmotivated and responsible.

See what I mean?

Phone and tablet apps have been an addiction of mine for a couple years. I used the games when I was too fat and sick to roll over and find the television remote. When I got better and needed to exercise my brain muscles, I still used the games - I just had a better excuse for wasting all that time. Now that I am SO much better (thank God and my most excellent doctors), I am using apps to help me stay off cigarettes and get my body back into shape.

So... this fitness thing...

I found an amazing set of apps ** to use for my regular exercise routine. LOVE these, really I do. Of course, with LOVE, HATE follows.

  • LOVE that I can adjust the time and intensity of the workouts.
  • LOVE that I can carry the app around (via my tablet) anywhere.
  • LOVE that I made it through most of the routines my first time out.
  • LOVE that I might actually feel healthier and more fit in a month or so.

So, you are maybe thinking, what is there to hate? Well, go get yourself some popcorn, take a seat and get comfy:

  • HATE that I had to use the shortest time and lowest intensity and still dang near died of a leg cramp halfway through the first routine.
  • HATE that the chick leading the workouts has short legs and can lunge easy. (I have long legs and it's my story that the longer the legs, the more difficult the lunge.)
  • HATE that I had to skip a couple of the exercises because my body started talking to me like a lover at the end of an argument. ("Really? You are going to push me like this? After all we've been through? I thought you loved me, cared for me.... Come, let us go have some cheesecake and talk things over.")
  • HATE that I have to do at least two weeks of this before I stop aching for hours after every workout.
  • HATE that I'm not 25 again, with a body that just snaps back from a setback.


Yeah, I grouse a lot, but I really do love that I live in a time when I got to see all this cool medicine and technology. It is, after all, saving my life. Nothing to hate there.


** Disclaimer: I am not compensated in any way by the producers of these apps. I would like to be, but...