Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Low, Negative & Zero Calorie Foods

I can be dedicated & quite disciplined with the right motivation. I can also be vain. Vanity is a big part of my weight loss/get fit motivation.

Walking, hitting the treadmill, and even sitting at strange machines with weights attached to them - I will do almost anything. But...

Have you heard about these noodles? Or these?

I had not. Not until a friend told me about them today. My first response was, "You effing with me?" Then: "If they have no calories, what do they taste like?"

My friend's response to that was, "Hell if I know." (She is on this new kick. She's decided that, at sixty-eight, screw a diet, life is for living. And, no, she doesn't think that sounds crazy.)

Negative calorie foods started sounding good to me when I got off the prednisone; zero-calories sounds like a lie from Satan himself. That's a calorie-free apple I just might bite.

I have to go grocery shopping this weekend. I am not ashamed to say that I will be carrying this list of negative calorie foods with me. With no prednisone egging me on (heh heh), I can deal with cutting back on the bad foods. Drinks are another headache.

Since I need to have something more interesting to drink than the green tea I tend to guzzle, I'm going to just get some frozen juices and seltzer waters. Really irks me that everything handy and just-add-water-ish has some fake/alternative sugar crap in it... If you don't mind all the stevia and other stuff I find icky (or the annoying page-through list), here are some drinks to change up your soda habit.

And I may have jumped the gun about there being no easy mixes for anti-artificial folks. These guys sound decent, if am able to find the products locally.

One way or another, I plan to be fine as hell by the time my birthday rolls around. I'll have an easier time of it than my nephew. He is making the move back to the Lower 48 and, when we were at the gym today, he thought out loud about re-enlisting in the Air Force. He is going to need to get trim for that, so he's doing a "White-out" diet: no sugar, starch, etc. Bless his heart.

Now, +Priscilla Delgado, I am gonna take my creaky a** to bed! LOL