Thursday, February 28, 2013

**REVIEW** Bally Fitness Band

Since I am trying to get in back in shape and stay there, I don't want to get bored with my workout routines. Walking is my favorite exercise and thanks to these apps from Google Play, I have learned to like doing a variety of indoor exercises. Because I can be too lazy to get my butt to a gym and use their equipment, I have now fallen in love with this "fitness band" from Bally Total Fitness.

Cute, ain't it? Nice color, sturdy handles, but if you look reeeeal close, you can see what my favorite part of it is.

That's right, baby. $7.99 from Burlington's. I had a gift cert and a voucher from returning some boots from Christmastime. One day I'll be rich and I will still look for a bargain.

  • Simple to figure out & easy to use
  • Instructions for some exercises are printed right on the band
  • Seems super sturdy
  • Fun to use
  • Can use it anywhere (even in small spaces)
  • Can use it anytime (I like to use it while watching TV)
  • Reasonably priced if you look around online (or from Burlington's)
  • The included free 7-day pass to Bally Fitness only helps is your town has a Bally Fitness
  • The instructions (on band and on an insert) are a little murky and not very varied
  • I did have to check out a link about recalls on this type of product. Mine passed.
That's it for the downside, I promise. I mean, I could gripe that there aren't enough online videos for using this flat type of band (instead of the cord type), but that's what I get for over-relying on YouTube. Since I never learn, here is a link for some exercises to do at your work desk. At least it's not from YouTube.

Seriously, I can't tell you how much I enjoy using this band. On the days (like today) when it was just too icy out for a walk, the band was my rescue.