Monday, June 10, 2013

Polish, Oil & Cleanse (the body, that is)

Since I have been having such a suck-y couple of weeks, I decided to treat myself to something special after the gym today. Instead of my usual mad-dash shower at Planet Fitness and sun-drying on the way to pick up my sister, I came home and pampered myself before getting back out in the sun. Here's the treatment, if any of you are interested in trying it (guys too!):

  • Salt Scrub (salt ground down to a consistency slightly finer than table salt) I use this salt scrub from my health food store: 

    A dead sea-salt scrub $5.99 at Natural Pantry
  • Oil (I prefer coconut or olive, but that's just me. I supposed a good cooking oil cook do...?) This is what I have a HUGE bottle of that I got on sale: 
  • Warmth. I turned the heat up and barricaded myself in the bathroom with the hot-water shower running for about 10 minutes to get it nice and steamy.
If you are using your own salt and oil (and not a pre-mixed scrub), first put the oil on your skin, then add the salt. I did my legs and torso - front and back. Massage the salt and oil gently so as to exfoliate skin. Let the oil and salt rest on your skin for a while as you sit in the humid heat. When finished relaxing, shower with water only. After your shower, apply some oil and lotion all over.

When I finished this treatment, I couldn't stop touching my skin. It really felt nice, especially while I was applying my lotion/oil mix. I suggest that, unless you are going straight to bed, um, naked, lightly pat yourself down with a towel so that you don't stain your clothes. (Even though, I've heard that coconut oil is a natural sun-block, I use a 100 SPF on my face anyway.

I left to pick up my sister, looking great - all smooth and dark brown and shining like new money! LOL

By the way - the "cleanse" part of this is something that +Marla Hughes & I had a giggle over. It's cucumber water. Just a big tall glass of it. But ONLY when you are going to be near a restroom for several hours. The first time I drank this water, I was at the gym. I had to get off the treadmill, wipe it down (because of gym rules, not because I peed on it!) and do a Jesse Owens getting to the bathroom before I embarrassed myself. TWICE in an hour and a half. I finally gave up my workout and went home. 

Cucumber water is easy (and thanks to my niece, +Gabrielle B for telling me):

A cuke, sliced very thin, put into a BIG pitcher of water. Leave overnight and - you got Cuke Water. One good-sized cucumber produced a pitcher and a half of water for me. I drank the first pitcher half-way until the water got too "strongly" flavored, then I added more water for the next day. Gabby says she adds a little sweetener to hers. I drink my sugarless. I read here about the benefits of this water. I wish I could find again the page saying cukes are nature's strongest diuretic... I did find this page of benefits of cucumbers. Here is another source of info. (This is the www, so grain of salt, folks.)