Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Money in Your Jammies

I've had the worst past few days. EVER. I won't soak your shoulder pads with all my tears, but just to give you an idea:

My computer is being crazy. I might have to reset it and start over.
Even when my PC was behaving, my internet service wasn't. Shame on ACS!
My phone has decided to cop an attitude...
For the last few days, I have felt (physically) like a microwaved turd

Yeah. Just... Yeah.

But I am considering it a blessing that I am here to complain. And here to share something with you.

You ever wondered if there was something you could do to make your downtime work for you? Not me, but I have wondered if I could maybe make some money until I am back on a "real" job. Let me tell you, any and every piece of monetary metal would be a blessing over here. I can't remember how I found the first site, but once I did, I scouted out a few work-via-the-internet leads. Without further ado, here you go:

I am not doing reviews of the sites because I haven't tried any yet. Those listed above, though, do see to have the most positive commentary by other bloggers and forum members. There are ton more that I heard of or found:
Just for kicks and snickers, I did a search and came up with so many sites: getacoder, guru, getafreelancer, scriptlance, ifreelance... ~shrug~

I sure hope that some of these sites are worth your time to check out. Times are a little tight for a lot of us. Sure would be nice to score some income without having to put on your good underwear.


(And to +Alex Taller+Sandy Sandmeyer+Kim Barnes+Spencer Bryant+Marla Hughes & +J.D. Hughes and so many of the sweethearts over on G, I will be back soon to check up on all of you!)