Tuesday, August 13, 2013

(Who's) Reality TV.

My guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives. Of Orange County, of Atlanta, of New York...

So trashy.

My occasional treat is a peek at Couples Therapy. But I do have my criticisms.

First off, Couples Therapy is, in my eyes, like Dr. Drew and his shows: bad for taking a serious subject and turning it into a joke. Shame on Jen Berman and Drew Pinsky. Shame, shame, shame.

With the Housewives, they are so comedic, with the bad acting and over-made-up facades, that it's just plain fun. Now, Couples Therapy? Rehab With Dr. Drew? The "patients" might be seriously looking for help, but it seems that the doctors are just looking for living out a fame fantasy. (In the case of Couples Therapy, I think that even those couples are just addicted to "fame" and will get the attention in any way it comes. How the heck else can someone explain Courtney Stodden?)

If someone wanted to be serious, the Housewives would all be housewives and living a more mainstream idea of life as a housewife. (Don't tell me there isn't anything interesting about real people coping with real life while wearing their real clothing and makeup.) All I've learned from watching those ladies from the Housewives franchise is how ridiculous grown-ups look while trying to look and dress half their age. Oh, and I have learned how to trash friends and look really "sexy" while doing so.

I'm a person who, when I watch movies and dramatic televisions shows, I have to work hard not to think about the folks on-screen pretending to be someone else. It's tough for me to forget that the emotions being shown are not the emotions of the people displaying them. I sometimes think that acting should be limited to bedroom role-play. Seriously.

As far as the shows that seem to be truly trying to help people, I have occasional doubts about their function. I mean, I've watched quite a few episodes of "Intervention." After the first several shows, I started wondering just how surprised the participants were by their actual "intervention." I don't watch anymore, so I don't know if anyone ever admitted to knowing about the trap being set for them by the supposed meeting with the producers. I got to the point where when the narrator announced that "Jay" (or whoever) thought he was going to the motel to meet with the producers. I'd want to scream at the TV: "Really, Jay? After 2 seasons of this show, you have no idea you're being sent to an intervention?" Wow.

What's really sad is that, despite my disdain at the idea of reality shows, I still watch. Of course, it's all a sort of therapy for me. I figure that, no matter what my problems might be, I cannot be as bad off as people wanting attention so much they'd play the reality game.

But I rant. I need to close out this post so that I can get over to Hulu.com and see what those crazy bitches in Orange County are up to.