Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Sweetest Little Man in My Life

Whenever I go offline, some of the people in my different networks miss me. All of the people in my networks miss my little nephew, D.J.

So, especially for +Bill Brown and Miss Marla and +J.D. Hughes, here's a usual moment in the life of that kid of ours.

(Sure hopes one of these formats play for you guys.) This is D.J. helping his Auntie with her wheelchair:

He just adores my big sis, Auntie Mike (second to me, of course). I don't know where the kid gets so much strength, but he can actually push Mike around in her wheelchair. Notice how sweet and helpful he is! His next favorite thing is to help his mom put away groceries. He likes to carry the heavy shopping bags for her from the garage door entrance and into the kitchen so she can put things away.

Have I said before just how much I love this kid? We have a thing we do whenever I show up over there: I stop inside the front door and stomp my feet so that he knows it's me. He screams and stomps his feet and comes running to jump into my arms. I won't be able to catch that solid load of baby-body much longer!

So, just in case you wondered how I get through a bad day or mood... I just take a little dose of D.J. (Almost makes me wish I'd had kids when I could.)