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Saturday, June 21, 2014

**REVIEW** Frownies Immune Perfect Continuous Hydration

When I joined Swaggable, I spent weeks clicking the "Want" button for tons of products. I got discouraged and gave up when I never heard back on any samples. Finally, about a week ago, I got this one:

4 mL
Hmmm... Kind of tiny, right?

The two reasons that made me "Want" this just from seeing the description? 1) Immune and 2) continuous hydration. Sounds good to me.

There aren't a ton of ingredients. I like the first 3 things listed, but I had to look up the last one.

When I searched on"water soluble melanin", the first result was for a patent. Reading the abstract, this is the line that stood out for me:
The melanin is also useful for providing a sun-screen to mammalian skin and hair, to treat post-inflammatory hypo- and hyperpigmentation...
I lost my sunscreen the other day while making a huge mess packing things up. Plus, my skin reacts to stress by drying up, and I've had my share of stress lately, so I was even more ready to give this "hydration" a try.

Oddly colored, isn't it?
Remember that I mentioned the small sample size? Well, I didn't need much at all to cover my face and neck. The stuff is really nice. It feels thin and just kind of glides onto the skin. I've used out of the one sample twice already and think I can get another one (maybe two) more uses from it.

Because I like the way it makes my skin feel, I was sure that it was going to be priced too high for me to ever buy any. I went over to the Immune Perfect site to check things out.

Frownies (funny name) has an interesting history and some pretty interesting-looking products that are more reasonably priced than I expected. I was surprised that the Immune Perfect is a wrinkle cream. I was thrilled to see that it's available in different sizes. It's cool to have a choice to try out a smaller, less expensive size portion of the product.

Like I said, I've only gotten a couple uses out of this sample but, so far, I really do like it. I'd have to use it for a while longer to notice whether or not there's a visible change, but I like the idea of the sun protection.

Not bad for my first Swaggable sample. Of course, I haven't heard back on any of the other Wants...

Now I have to get back to packing up my life!


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