Friday, August 01, 2014


(Let's face it, I have nothing else to post about until I get my reviews going again! So... Welcome to a ramble of my thoughts.)

I woke up this morning feeling so good for the first time in such a long time. Funny enough, I had trouble recognizing the way I felt.

The coming of fall season matches the way I feel: a shedding and preparation for renewal. With that in mind, here are my random rambles for the morning:

  • If you want a positive life, you must embrace as much good stuff as you can (and let go of the negative). Even when the negative thought of hitting someone below the belt sounds positive. 
  • I've spent the past year or more shedding bad habits and bad relationships. And weight. Let's not forget the pounds I've shed. Mostly my own, but...
  • I want to grow a garden. I once killed a cactus. I still want to try gardening.
  • It's so adorable when Baby DJ calls me "Boo-Boo". Except when it's late and I'm exhausted. It's still kind of cute when he says it again but in a really sweet whisper because he senses I'm getting tired of it. I never get tired of that.
  • I'm going to miss going to sleep with sun in my eyes. Unless this "vacation" out of state convinces me to RUN! Run right back to Alaska!
  • One of the reasons I stayed off Facebook for so long might have to do with the games. Now that I'm on there (ahem, just for posting reviews...), I have spent too much time manipulating exploding cookies and gems and bubbles. 
  • My new dietary habits have finally stuck. I didn't have my usual servings of water and fruits & veggies yesterday and I could tell by the time I went to bed. 
  • Coming up with ideas for blog posts is touch when you get out the groove. Pictures help jazz up the duller posts. Pictures help a lot.
Want this t-shirt

But I'm NOT from Fairbanks

I wonder if my Texas fam would mind?