Friday, November 21, 2014

**REVIEW** Power Bank Charger (for cellphones)

I'm going on a short trip soon and, as always, I worry about my phone dying while I'm in flight. Last time I travelled, I was using a mobile boarding app and I didn't notice that my battery was going low until I was in line for the boarding call. I ended up trying to hook up to an outlet for a quick five-minute charge before I had to leave the gate. Stressful.

I'm extremely forgetful and anxious, so I keep all kinds of apps on my phone: lists, notes, reminders, alarms, etc. And I have to check on these all the time. My phone battery hates me. I'm sure it does. I have chargers all over my car and the house. Some people walk into places looking for a good seat or the best view. I could walk into a bank in the middle of a robbery and I'd still be looking for the nearest electrical outlet.

So... When I saw this, I could only think of how perfect it is for anyone who is always running down their phone battery. In other words: me.

Instructions could be better (not everyone has used one of these before! lol), but I really like it. Today was my first use. It was showing a partial charge when I got it & did not take very long at all to charge to 100%. REALLY love that I can press the power button to check how much juice is left. When I hooked it up to my phone to charge it, that process was faster even than charging the Power Bank. This is going to come in handy for when I am travelling b/c I hate worrying about my phone dying while I'm in flight or standing in line to board. I got the red color & it's nice-looking, tho somewhat larger in size than what I expected

Still... purse/pocket sized
UPDATE:  Well, I go to really put this to the test on our way here to AZ. The charger worked great! Not only did I use it for my cell phone, I also used it to keep my tablet in use. It didn't fill my tablet's charge, but it still kept it going for a good 20 minutes. It might have gone longer, but I had to disconnect to board another flight.

Also, just because I was curious to know if it's possible, I learned that I can charge the charger by usb to my laptop. This was not recommended by the label, but... Now I know.