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Thursday, November 13, 2014

**REVIEW** and **GIVEAWAY** Old Factory Candles

Part 1 - The Review

I've been wanting to do a giveaway for a long time, wanted to wait for just the right item. I don't have thousands of blog readers, but the readers I have are loyal. Time to do something nice for you guys.

My opportunity comes courtesy of a company that makes one of my favorite things: candles! Not just candles, but soy candles. Not just soy candles, but soy candles of the coolest fragrance varieties I've ever heard of. Old Factory Candles has it covered.

Can you tell that I'm just a little bit excited about this? (When the package arrived yesterday, I think I scared our mailman!)

There are several reasons that I'm so happy to do these candles as a giveaway & these are the top 3:
  • The crazy-cool-scents are just all over the place & smack on realistic.
  • The candles are soy and hand poured (aka: long-lasting) & USA made.
  • Uses pure fragrance oils.
Now. You guys know how I am about scents and cents, right? Well, I have you covered with these candles. Like I said, the scents are so creative. I think there's something for every mood, memory or mania. For instance, for myself, I chose the "50 Shades" which includes "Leather", "Jasmine Bubbles", and "Vanilla Sex". 

50 Shades of being single
Now, go pick your mind up out of that gutter. I went for this set mainly because I adore Jasmine and Vanilla scents (and I figured I could use the Leather scent for a Christmas gift).

Talk about getting these scents being smack on. I expected "Leather" to be some kind of moody take on the idea. No. This "Leather" smells exactly like leather. If I wanted to pass off some fake pleather Foach bag off as the real thing, I'd smear this inside. If I want to call up memories of the time my boyfriend hugged me while wearing his new Cowboys jacket, all I have to do is light this candle. #GottaPauseForThisMemory...

I don't particularly want to remember that particular boyfriend, but if you have better memories of leather that you'd rather not share with the world, this candle will go all Eagles on you and Take It to the Limit.

To my surprise, of the 3 scents in 50 Shades, Jasmine Bubbles was my favorite. It's so sensual in a different way than the Vanilla Sex. More perfume-y, I think, which I really like. But, just like I said, all three of the scents hit it square. The vanilla is reminds me more of an old-fashioned cake made from scratch than from anything I smell at Starbucks. Just really, really organic.

These really do burn clean and since I've had Jasmine lit for the past hour and a half, I can from checking that I'll get a lot or hours out of it. The scent is noticeable but not overwhelming and I'm sitting in a smaller room of the house. 

One other way that I use soy candles (not that I'm recommending it for anyone else) is as a body perfume. I just rub my finger across the surface of an unlit one and then rub that onto my pulse points. You'll notice that this is something you can do with a soy candle and not a regular wax one. Just thought I'd toss that in here. Anyway...

Remember I mentioned cents? That's because of the great pricing. Each candle in the trio is 2 ounces (for a 20 hour burn). Less than $8.50 a candle of this quality is awesome. And if you aren't happy with them, you can return them - at Old Factory's expense - and get a full refund. (NOTE: you won't be returning them. Trust me.)

Now. Getting back to the variety of scents, here's what I'm talking about

I want Lemongrass next

There's the Leather again...

Is it crazy that I KNOW who'd like each of these?
 If you're like me, you looked at those sets and immediately started putting faces of people you know next to each one - maybe for gifts? Personally, I'm torn between a few of them. The Lemongrass sounds good, but I think I really want the New Born Baby set. Not that I'm hinting...

These would make great gifts even if, like me, you plan on sharing only one of the set. The jars are labelled so nicely - neither too fem nor too 'industrial' - that they will appeal to anyone. But if you do give someone the whole set, the packaging is really nice.

Easy to giftwrap (or can have it delivered gift-wrapped)
Includes a free eBook on aromatherapy
Part 2 - The Giveaway

I know you probably skimmed past everything else in this post to get to this part... There are a few simple rules:

  1. You must have a U.S. shipping address*, an email address**, and
  2. You must have an Amazon account (If you don't have a Prime acct for shipping, your s&h will be reimbursed via PayPal)
  3. Be the first to respond*** on THIS Google Plus post with a comment on whether you plan to enjoy these candles yourself or gift them to someone special. (Because I'm nosy!) After G+, I am posting to Facebook.
That's it. The first eligible person to respond with a comment will be the winner. I will announce the lucky winner the day after this giveaway ends.


I received my product free in exchange for a fair and honest review.

*Apologies to readers with non-U.S. shipping addresses. Depending on how this one goes, I will try to offer future giveaways for other readers.
**I will share this email address with the company supplying the product to the winner.
***I will use the time stamps on comments to choose the first eligible winner. 

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