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Monday, November 24, 2014

Vacay Stories 1

When my sister and I landed and were still sitting on the plane at Sky Harbor, first thing I saw when I turned my phone back on was a text from my niece: "I'm here! Made it to the airport by myself without getting lost!"  (She is here as a visitor too.)

I texted back that she'd have a little bit of a wait. As a wheelchair passenger, my sister boards ahead of everyone else but has to departs the plane last. When we finally got off the plane and were assisted to the gate, we are both anxiously looking for our niece. I don't see the my niece but I see the bright green shirt of her son - the infamous "baby" D.J.

The "boys" still can't get over how big DJ is

Yes, he getting big, and he is bigger than most about-to-be 3 year olds!

If D.J. is there, my niece must be nearby, but instead, I see one of my big brothers. Then I see another of my big brothers. YAY!!! Finally, I see my niece. We all run and do the hug-hug, love you-love you thing.

I tell my niece what a nice surprise - making us think she had come alone when she brought the boys too. She smiles but kind of rolls her eyes. I get the full story on that later from my other niece:

When my niece, C.C., said she would be picking us up at the airport, the boys told her they were going to the airport instead. (C.C. had just traveled ahead of us a week earlier. The boys haven't seen us in a while.)  C.C. insisted. The boys said nothing else. The day of our pick-up, the boys took off work, went to breakfast together, then showed up at the airport a whole hour early. Just to be the first ones there!

C.C. was outdone, but we all are still laughing at her.

It's been a good time so far.

D.J. has discovered that one auntie has a piano
He knows how to flex his fingers before "playing"

And their dog, who is skittish around him (unless D.J. has food)

Most of us are mid-age adults (who regress about 20 years in maturity when we get together)

Family. I don't always like them, but I love them all to pieces.


(I wish I could fix the photo layout, but... I'm on vacation)