Saturday, May 02, 2015

Water Challenge

I started the Water Challenge yesterday. With some modifications.

The challenge is to drink a gallon of water each day for a month. Sorry, but I got halfway through my gallon by lunchtime and knew that it wasn't even feasible for me to do an entire gallon each day - unless I cut out all other fluid sources (coffee, fruit, veggies, etc). I will be shooting for a minimum of 100 ounces each day.

Because I know that it's beneficial to ones health (and vanity) to drink more water, I am sticking to the challenge, but I modified the amount. Not by much, but...

First, because it makes my brain hurt, let's get some math and recommendations out of the way:
Most recommendations I've heard of all my life are to drink 8 glasses (or cups) of water each day. So, I decided that my minimum target should be those 8 glasses (8 ounces each) of water each day - or 64 ounces. Like I mentioned, I am going to aim for 100 ounces per day, but I'm okay with 80.

Of course, we can find lots of benefits to drinking more water - or, I should say, enough water. I have to tell you that, even after just one day of drinking close to 100 ounces, I noticed one major difference: my hands didn't go bone dry in between moisturizing. Here are some other effects of getting enough water:

Even though there are lots of benefits to drinking water, I do hope people doing these water challenges realize there are also some risks to overdoing it:
  • People with certain medical conditions/treatments have to watch fluid intake (dialysis patients, for example)
  • There is such a thing as water intoxication.
  • And, on a common sense level, don't let water replace intake of proper nutrition
  • Always check with your doctor before making any drastic changes - even drinking lots of water for a challenge
I don't think I am going to have to worry about overhydration. I made it halfway through the day and realized why my pedometer app was sending me kudos for almost doubling my daily step level. I made so many trips to the bathroom that I was getting plenty of exercise. That made me want to laugh, but I was in the middle of the grocery store and too far from a bathroom to get into a giggle fit.

Lots of people are talking about drinking more water. I like this idea -


This is what my gallon jug looked like a couple hours before I went to bed last night (or attempted to) -

Yeah. Then, after that, I still managed to put down another 16 ounces or so. It took me three tries to actually settle down and sleep. The first time, I was back up every twenty minutes or so, trotting to the bathroom.  (And I found this both high-larious and useful!!!)

This is what I'm using to drink from. 

It's an 18 ounce bottle that I picked up at Walmart for around $1.08. I feel like I can drain it pretty quick without feeling like I've got a ton of water to drink. It's a good way to pace my intake.

Today, I am going to try to get the first 80 ounces down before 6 or 7 pm. That way, I might be able to get a no-trot night of sleep before church tomorrow. 

I'm thinking that I might ought to mark my gallon jug the way some people are doing - 

Love this one the best

I love it! Looks so much better than what I did to mine this morning...

a little uninspiring :-(

Yeah. I'm going to be re-doing my bottle! LOL

Anyway, I'll be letting you know how the whole thing goes. If nothing else, I will lost a few pounds from all the extra walking to the bathroom!

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yeah, that's me on the left