Monday, May 04, 2015

Day 3 of the Water Challenge

Image result for rushing to the bathroomSooo.... I didn't quite make my water limit today. I just realized that Sundays will need to be a 40 or 60 ounce day of the week. (Do you know how distracting it is to the service for someone to jump and make a bathroom dash every 20 minutes? Do you?)

Anyway, I did great the first 2 days of the challenge, and I will be back on the jug tomorrow. As for how I'm doing, I can tell you that, if I wanted to activate my bowels, I could have skipped that Miracle Tea and gone straight for the water. Water is truly a lubricant. Truly. Trust me.

My skin feels good. I can tell the most difference in my hands and face. My torso and feet still need the extra moisture provided with my oils. I guess it's going to take some time to fully hydrate my body completely.

Here's an interesting observation I made today. I had just an 18 ounce bottle when I woke up, then I sipped my way through another 12 ounces during church. Afterwards, I hit the library and chugged about 16 ounces while I was there.

46 ounces of water would have been a lot for me last week. I guess after doing all the extra water for 2 days, my body was starting to like it. I was so thirsty when I got home that I downed a couple of glasses standing right at the kitchen sink. I haven't had such a craving for water since I lived in Arizona.

Apparently, it's water that does a body good...

Before starting this challenge, there were days I was doing great to get more than 20 ounces of plain water. I think my body was so used to being deprived that it was a bit spoiled by 2 days of the water challenge. Weird, right? Or maybe not.

When I tried to check whether or not my reaction was normal, I ran across lots of comments like this one at the top of this page.


Maybe it's just that, since I am drinking more water, I'm not craving (or getting) as much fluid from other sources. I notice I'm drinking less coffee and I am eating less. Because of these changes, I'm probably not getting as much fluid overall. I have a theory that water is far more hydrating that coffee teas and juices.

Whatever the case, I can definitely make two claims from my experience so far:

  1. It's getting easier to drink more and more of my gallon jug
  2. Parts of my skin is a lot less dry
I've heard from friends that, eventually, I will even stop having to pee as much. I'm not sure how that works. Water in, water out, right? 

I have another theory. This one is about the claims that drinking more water will aid in weight loss. I hear that the weight loss is because you eat less food/have less cravings when you drink more water. I don't think that's it. I believe it's because all the water improves your digestion and, um. waste flow. Seriously. Also, the water flushes out a lot of the salt, and doesn't salt cause a lot of water retention? If I'm flushing out the salt with all the water I'm drinking, then I am retaining less of the wat-

Oh wait. Now I have confused myself!

No, no. I am onto something. You can use water to fight water retention. Whew! Good.

Image result for drinking water reduces water retention
Nice to know more about how drinking water helps with the weight loss.  Even better to know what it does for the cardiovascular system...

So, yeah, this water challenge is good for me so far. I'm going to check some other sites to see how other challengers  are doing with their chugging.