Tuesday, May 05, 2015

More Reviews Are Coming (promise)

Sorry that I've been slacking off on the reviews lately. I'm really trying to get back in the groove with the blogs. There are a couple of reviews coming up on this one, and I have been posting a bit on This Woman Child, but it's hard to keep up with anything when I feel so wiped out.

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Yeah, yeah, yawn...
The water challenge is helping. Matter of fact, I no longer consider it a temporary challenge but as an addition to my lifestyle. Not that hard to drink the water now that I have set a do-able daily goal (6 of my 18-ounce bottles) that helps with my digestion as well as keeping me hydrated.

Lazy Blogger
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My problem right now is fatigue. I've been so exhausted the last couple of days that I forgot to take my weekly medicine - which is kind of a big deal... My sister Mike used to remind me to take the med, but since she's been gone, I've either been too sick with colds to take it, or I've just forgotten. But mostly just fatigued. Ugh.

The other problem is that I just can't always focus as well as I'd like to. Good days, bad days. I'm sure stress doesn't help.

I have some reviews coming up very soon.The one I'm most excited about has to do with feet! Yes, me and these dawgs of mine are going to be trying out another product. Can't wait to see how it works and share the news with you.

The other product is one that you'll be interested in if you are as into using natural oils as I am. It's not an oil, but it's going to help me use the ones I already have.

Then there is a product I got to try out with my phone. ~sigh~ The problem with having a good (i.e.: expensive) phone is that I have to do all that I can to make it last several years. By the way, the phone accessory that I will be reviewing via Tomoson is not so much for protection as it is for style. Never fear, though, I will be reviewing an accessory that is for protecting the phone. Good news for owners of the Galaxy Note 4 because I haven't seen many good cases for that model yet.

Anyway, this is just a post to update you on the product reviews that are coming shortly. Also, I am going to start reviewing products on my other blog. These will be items and services that might interest anyone with Christian faith.

So, new stuff coming in the next week or so. Hold tight!