Tuesday, May 19, 2015

**REVIEW** Glass Roll-On Bottles by 2PM Essentials

Until I tried compared these roll-on bottles against the ones I have been using, I didn't know how much difference a steel roller could make.

Okay. That sounded a little bit strange, so let me show you the product I'm posting about:

That right there to the left is one of the roll-on bottles I'm going to be telling you about.  It's Frosted Glass Roll On Bottle.

It's prettier than any roll-on bottle I've used for my oils and perfumes, but pretty is not all it's got going for it.

Actually, what I got was a 2-pack set of the 10ml bottles from 2PM Essentials.

You guys know how I am about my oils. I use them for everything - for moisturizing my face and lips to using them as natural fragrances. Over the past year or so, I've been learning a lot about the various essential oils - or E.O.s. 

 What I learned about the containers I've been using to carry my oils in my purse is that they will leak. The biggest Oops I've had happen was when I unscrewed one of my old bottles and had oil leak from the cap right on to my jeans. I had to walk around the store with a icky-looking stain down the front of my leg. I usually know to check the cap because my oils will leak and drip out, but...

When I opted to try the bottles by 2PM Essentials, I just wanted to see if they were as pretty as the photos. I wasn't really thinking too much about the steel rollerballs.

These really are some elegant bottles. Much nice than the plain ones I have bought here and there.

The glass is lightly frosted and, because it's not a painted on frost, I won't have to worry about a lot of scratching from the keys and other junk in my purse. The cap is brushed aluminum with just a touch of smooth embellishment to add some flair.

But the steel rollerball is the real bonus. I'm not a mechanically inclined person so I don't much care why or how the metal ball works as a seal to stop leaks. I don't care, but I like it. (If you care, you can read about it on the product page.)

I do care that I don't have to remember to check for oil pooling in the cap before I unscrew it. This design does the trick. And the metal looks a lot nice than the plastic ones.

Something I never considered is that, though I use glass bottles for my E.O.s, the plastic caps probably affect the oils. And maybe the reason the caps leak is because the oils affect them.

At any rate, I really do like these bottles. The steel ball and all the technical stuff aside, the bottles are just so pretty. The fact that I'm not wasting my oils from leaks and spills makes me glad for the techy stuff, but I'm mostly loving the look of the bottles.

The price for these is just a bit more than what I've paid for some with the plastic balls, but saving oils evens out the cost difference. Now that I'm aware of the oil-plastic mix, I going to stick with the steel rollers.

I have to mention that, while you might be aware of the common ways to use a roll-on applicator (oils, deodorants, etc.), I tried something new (for me at least) with this one. Because the metal ball works so smoothly, I got the idea in my head to try applying some oil in the area under my eyes. You know how you want to avoid pulling or rubbing that thinner skin when doing your beauty routine? Well, I wanted to test out how well the roller would work. Results were great. (You do need to get the ball going a bit. Remember, it's made not to leak.)

Let's take one more look at that steel roller
The test with the under-eye area worked so well, I got carried away and used the applicator on my lips. Now I just want to mix up some specific oils for a lip balm to carry in my purse. (I'm thinking this will be a great way to pack some coconut oil without worrying about ruining the inside of my purse.)

To get down to the final nitty gritty, just in case you are not as impressed as I am, there is a super sweet guarantee in place for this product. It's not just a "No Questions Asked" guarantee, but a 100% Lifetime guarantee. Can't beat that with a plastic or metal stick.


DISCLOSURE: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.