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Sunday, January 03, 2016

**REVIEW** Beautiful Textures (Texture Manageability System) ***UPDATED***

I had to come back and let you guys know that I am so unhappy with this hair treatment. It's been over 5 months since I did this. In that time, I've had to trim my hair over and over just to get rid of the scraggly-straight end pieces left behind from this treatment. Finally, a while ago, I just did another big chop. My hair was okay, and I mean just okay - as long as I didn't moisturize it much. Anytime that I heavily hydrated my hair, I'd end up with some scraggly pieces at the ends. So the chop off. Even now, I've had to snip loose ends because they would hang at the ends of my natural curl pattern. 

No matter what this kit claims, the system is way more permanent that I like. I love my natural hair and hate having to work this hard to get back to that state. 

So, just a warning from someone who wanted a "temporary" straightening: this might have results that last way longer than you like. Once I get my curls back, I will just stick to flat-ironing for results that I KNOW will be temporary.

I love wearing my hair "natural", but there are times when I want a different look. 

When I was in Texas, my niece braided my hair with extensions. That was a nice no-care 'do for a couple of weeks, but because I wanted the 'no care' part, a couple weeks is all my hair could take. Coming back to Alaska, my hair was drying out and starting to get some damage. The braids came out and I was back to my natural 'do.

Since my hair did dry out, I was only wearing high-moisture "maintenance" styles for several days. Bor-ing!

Last week when I was Christmas shopping, I saw this interesting product:

This is called a "Texture Manageablitlity System" (or just TMS). Here is some detailed information about the product but, basically, what it does is allow a user to easily swap between a curly or natural look and a straightened look. In theory.

I really liked the idea because, of course, I don't want to use a chemical relaxer on my hair. Another benefit was the price. I picked mine up at Walmart (of all places to discover something new) and paid just under 8 bucks.

One thing to mention right off the bat is that I thought the product was made by the same company that produces a popluar line of hair care items. The box looks very much like this company (which I won't name). From what I can tell though, from checking the box and product site, this isn't by any company I've ever heard of. Not sure what that will mean to other users, but I just wanted to mention it.

Let's look at what comes in the kit, then I will go over what I thought of as the Pros and Cons during my first use.

The only parts of the kit I had to use right away was the special shampoo and conditioner (labeled 1 and 2 in the photo). The packets labeled A and B are the anti-reversionshampoo and conditioner to be used for maintenance.

Okay, let's do the rundown:


  • It's fairly easy to use this. With relaxers, users have to worry quite a bit about timing the process (for safety) and protecting the scalp and skin (for safety). With the TMS, I did have some sensitiity to the processing conditioner. There are warnings that this might happen, which is why gloves are provided. This was my first sign that, while this might be less harsh than a common relaxer, there was still some "processing" going on. (Check the FAQs and you'll see why.)
  • The conditioner is obviously the main component of the product. But, first, I had to use the special shampoo. I didn't like how it made my hair feel, After the first wash (you're to wash 3 times to start the TMS), my hair felt like soft steel wool. I'm not tryining to be funny. The purpose of the shampoo is to "clean" the hair of any product buildup, but my hair felt as if it had been stripped to the point of damage.
  • After applying the conditioner, my hair seemed to revive a little bit, but it was still not feeling great. I was beginning to wish I had done a strand test of the entire process. Since I didn't do that, I will suggest it to future first-time users. Just to see what you think before going whole hog.
  • My main concern (after I had used the product) was whether or not I could use any of my regular shampoos without interfering with the results of the TMS. I ask this (despite the fact that the kit includes anti-reversion shampoo and conditioner) because I normally use a gentle and extra-moisturizing shampoo bar. Good news: there are a lot of questions addressed in the FAQs. Bad news: there are a lot of questions addressed in the FAQs. I felt like I was having to hunt down basic information...
  • When you spot this in the store, the main attraction of the product is that you will be able to go from not straight to straight. That's the basic appeal, right? So, I was concerned when I saw other reviews that mentioned some problems with that. This issue is even addressed in the FAQs and users are advised, in this case, to wash vigorously and do a 30-minute deep conditioning. That doesn't sound too bad, but I haven't tried reverting back yet so I don't know.
NOTE: I started this post right after using the TMS process, then I got really sick with a nasty virus that's still kicking my butt... Ugh.

Anyway, It's been a couple of weeks, but I'm back to finish off this review. Maybe being productive will help me feel better.

I have wetted my hair 3 times since using the TMS because I have done some deep conditioning. My hair has reverted back to pre-treatment texture when wet. I can use the flat-iron to get a smoothed style. I still think that I would have been able to do this without the TMS, but some other users might need the help the system provides in straightening.

My hair does better with a flat-iron straightening than with any relaxers or other "systems". Since I have rarely used a flat-iron before now (and never a decent one like the one I have), I won't know if the TMS affected the results. I will come back and do another update several weeks down the line if that is the case.

One thing I want to say for those who, like me, prefer not to use straightening relaxers (of the traditional kind), is to try just using a good heat protecting product and a flat-iron. That way, with zero treatment chemicals, you might be able to switch between kinky-curly and straight. 

When I was using relaxers on my hair, I had quite a bit of breakage during combing/brushing. With the flat-iron, I get very little breakage. My hair seems to be doing very well so far. Of course, I use moderate heat and always use a protectant (I like Aussie's Hair Insurance). I also make sure to use a good oil on my scalp. 

This is what my braids looked like:

Loved them, but my hair wasn't getting enough moisture :-(

My natural look is my favorite

But it's nice to switch things up a bit. To paraphrase a Pin I recently saw: When you feel like crap, slap on some lipstick and... well, something. Can't remember what.

Yeah, I know. I look about as good as this virus feels. Still, you get the idea. I can actually go from natural (kinky/curly) to a straighter, smoother look.

One last thing about switching up styles: going natural is the easiest. I can just twist/coil my hair for a few hours (or overnight), untwist and go. Plus, a lot of moisture is built into the style. Even though I can moisturize my scalp with the "straight" look, I can't do as much for my hair. So... I will probably only go straight for a couple weeks, then do my natural thing for a couple of months. Summer will be okay for doing the straight look longer, but winter time is too dry for my hair and skin.

I guess I would say that the TMS is a good system, depending on your hair type and needs. Also, just know what you're getting into first. Check the product's site and the FAQs before purchasing.