Saturday, June 11, 2016

**RESOURCES** Apps, Videos and Tutorials

Reviews are slow while I wait for approval of more products. In the meantime, I'm taking breaks from my fiction writing to share resources that some of you might be able to use. I'll jump right on in.

Want a 2nd cell number for free?

Image result for cellphoneSideline is an interesting sounding app. I say that it sounds interesting because, so far, I've not actually used it. I'm waiting for numbers to become available in my area code.

If you are lucky enough to find numbers with your area code - or if you don't mind your second number being prefixed with an area code different than your current number - check it a cnet overview here. The features are listed here on Sideline's page. If you like it lots, you can get paid versions. Because I haven't read all the docs and you might want to, check out the FAQs and other support info.

Want some explanatory stuff/Explain it like I'm 5?

Thanks to Reddit, I ran across these YouTube channels that can be helpful"
SciShow and SciShow Kids. (As always, be sure to check the page for leads to more content. Also, if you like the channels, show your support.)

Some other useful (and interesting) channels are Science and Technology 4U and Discovery TV's (especially the Learn Something New playlist).

I've long used the How Stuff Works site as a resource for info when writing on different subjects. Make sure to check out the channels they have on YouTube also.

As the saying goes, you can learn almost anything with with YouTube and Pinterest. As far as videos go, there's even a YouTube channel for Google developers. (Seriously though, if you learn how to search it well, Pinterest has some great resources for writers, students and just about anyone else.)

Want to mix learning with some entertainment?

Personally, I love watching documentaries. It's a guilt-free way to watch some TV, but it's also a great way to help my brain generate story ideas. If nothing else, you don't usually feel like you've just spent wasted time in front of the tube. Here are some of my fave places to pick up on interesting doc films:
... free alternatives are out there, including
With documentaries, it's all about what you're looking for. If you want a video about something really specific, YouTube is still the best bet, IMO.

Anything specific for students?

If you're a student, definitely check out TryIt. Most definitely. It's an "opportunity and inspiration site" that helps connect students to learning and career interests. Something like that anywayCheck the FAQs for better info than I can give you.

Image result for online learningAny other good stuff?

Plenty and they are too good to leave out, but I was having trouble categorizing them so... you just have to go for it:
  •  OER Commons (Open Educational Resources) has lots of resources, including full university courses. Yep. No excuse for ignorance.
  • Khan Academy. I've linked to KA before. It seems heavily math focused, but there's other subjects covered & it's excellent for college prep work.
  • Wolfram Alpha. I don't even know how to describe the site. Good thing there's an About Us page!
Of course, I can't leave out Wikiversity

If I missed anything, here's a list I've just run across that could help you out with finding more video tutorial sources. Wish I'd found it at the start of this post.

Good luck, good learning, and