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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

**REVIEW** Purelace Wigs (not what they seem) **UPDATE**

UPDATE: I was only getting "canned" responses from Purelace when I requested refunds. One letter went so far as to try sounding 'girl-friend-ish', calling me "Sis". That pissed me off more than anything. I went through my credit card company to get a refund. I'm still adding comments on every Purelace posting I see. I have learned a lesson. Other ladies tell me that there is no way I was going to get a decent lace front wig for such a low price. Now I know. Now I know.

Note: You might see videos on social media (especially Instagram) for "realistic" lace front wigs. Make sure that you check where the link goes before you get excited. I saw at least 10 videos with different screen names but they all go to Purelace. The following post details my experience with them...

Recently, I've been having problems with uneven hair texture. I figure I need to "rest" my natural hair and thought about protective styling - like braids or a wig. That's how this whole saga started.

I saw the wigs from these folks on Instagram. The video is amazing and that should have been clue Number 1. This is a screenshot from that video. Notice which user it's posted under?
the link goes to

Clue Number 2 came after I order the wigs... I started seeing more of either the same video or videos very much like it. When I thought to check the link the posts led to, I realized they all went to the same website - even though the posts were under different headings. For example, this is a screenshot of a totally different post than the one that first caught my attention:

link goes to
Guess what? The bitly link goes to the same Purelace site I ordered from.  There were (at my last count) over 10 videos under various screen names that all link back to Purelace. Oh, and don't let me forget to mention that they were accused of having stolen the video from another site. I have no opinion about that, but still, people, people, people.

It's like they are playing mind games.

Here's the thing, whether or not I like the product is one thing, but service is a whole other deal. I do NOT like the service and will not likely order from these guys again. Here is why:

  • You have to be a detective to figure out that anything you order will be coming from China.
  • China Post shipments are a pain to track and they take forever.
  • Purelace isn't quick on the order processing. It took DAYS after placing an order before it was actually ready to ship. 
  • Getting in touch with someone is touch and go. There is a contact form on the site but you won't get a quick response - if you get one at all. I had to threaten that I'd have my credit card bounce the transaction if I didn't hear back from someone. They got back to me, but a customer shouldn't have to do that.
  • When I got an email response from someone at Purelace, that email address went dead after a couple of days and mail would get returned to sender (me). Ugh.
  • They have a Facebook page that they are not very active on - except to post more radiant images of their wigs.
  • The whole thing smells, if not scammish, definitely shady.
So let's get to the part where the wigs finally arrived... When you look at these photos, I want you to keep in mind that they are supposed to be full lace and/or lace front pieces:

So... even if they had been lace front, you can see how awfully fake the hair looks. Unlike in the video, you are not able to "part this anywhere" and there is no lace front at all.

Purelace is, in my personal opinion, a steaming hot mess. I'm an idiot for falling for something I saw on Instagram. My bad. But the least I can do is warn others. Mission accomplished. I will let you know what happens as far as getting a refund. I'm done and out,



  1. What's the site name, because I ordered from one site 8 days ago and they are ignoring my emails, I just filed a PayPal claim which they can't ignored, because I told them I saw some negative reviews somewhere else

    1. On PayPal the payments to Purelace will show as *NCTECHNOLO. I went through my card company and was reimbursed while the investigate the dispute. I would hear back from someone at Purelace if I used their website contact form but it was always a generic response - like they had not ready my letter at all. Just be careful and from now on, just know that "if it sounds too good..." :-) Good luch

  2. Wig is a complete mess!! Not even the wet curls I wanted! No lace front, no baby hair!! Ow part ways for the hair!! Hell no! I want my refund back!

    1. Good luck. I got my refund only after going through my credit card company. They tried to contact the vendor and, big surprise, they also go no response. I got my money back and will NEVER again buy a wig unseen!

  3. Buying Beware!!! Similar to others, you purchase an item through a social media ad and wait 3 weeks to a month to receive. I bought a lace front wig, but what arrived was a nasty wig that wasn't lace front, the wrong color and looked as if it was matted. When expressed this to customer service, they have you send pictures but do nothing for you to correct the issue other than suggest you pay them to return the item, and its their error or they will give you a small percentage of your money back and not a full refund.
    A scam.. do not buy!!!

    1. A total and complete scam. I advise my friends to use a good credit card or PayPal like I did. That way, you are guaranteed to be refunded the whole amount. I try to put scam sellers on blast via social media when I run into problems like this. I am certain that Purelace just sells under various names...

    2. I bought two of these wigs. One looked like straw and the other a fire red color that I did not order. It took forever to get to my post office. I am very disappointed with what I received. I tried to send both wigs back just to find out that it would cost $30.00 for shipment. The same amount as the wig. I will contact the Better Business Bureau and advise others to do same. I've seen another ad with wigs that looks the same called Orlik. Please check for scam.

  4. I can't believe I fell for this scam. They said i can get a refund but had to send wig back... To ship back to China $48 I don't think so.