Sunday, February 18, 2018

**REVIEW** Covery USB C Adapter (for cellphones)

Don't you hate when you upgrade your cell phone and realize you now also have to upgrade all your charging cords? That happened to me last year with my Samsung. I have used some kind of Galaxy phone for the past several years and I had collected all kinds of cords - long ones, short ones; plastic-and fabric-covered ones. Understand that when I get a phone, I keep and use it until it burns out. No running out and replacing it with the newer, flashier models just because. No suh. Can't afford it. Can barely afford a phone in the first place.

Yeah, yeah, I'm going to get to the review. Give me a second to vent first.

I had all these cords that fit the Note 4 (and most Galaxy phones, I think) but ended up having to trade up for the S8. Guess what? Samsung went and changed the USB ports. The old cords worked for my old tablet but not for the phone. I had probably 10 or more of the old cords and just the one for the new phone. Maybe I'm lying; there might have been two new cords that came with the S8. I don't remember.

This is where these Covery USB C adaptors come in. What a lifesaver.

No need to toss all my old cords and buy new ones. Thank goodness!

Okay, my photos suck so let's look at theirs.

These are nice, neat little things that you can (as you see in the photos) clip to your wallet, purse, or backpack. I still worry about losing one so I just keep one in the zip pocket of my purse.

I am telling you that these are so much easier (and cheaper) to get than it is to buy all new cables. I already had good cables of various lengths that I like and didn't want to have to start a new collection. If I go somewhere and take both my tablet and my phone, I only need the one cable since I can switch the USB with the adapter. Perfect.

At the time that I tested these for review, they were around $7 for the 4-pack. Four of these is plenty even if there are two of you in a household. I only needed one for my phone, but I keep the spares in different places around the apartment