Wednesday, February 21, 2018

**REVIEW** Cossac Planner/Agenda

With so many phone apps, it's a wonder we need anything like calendars or planners. I love phone apps for most things but not for calendars. I have more trouble using phone and email calendars than I should! Certain things are just in the See-Hold-Feel category.

I think a lot of folks must agree with me because when I posted this on Instagram the other day, quite a few of my friends wanted to know more. I don't blame them.

That is a planner/agenda from Cossac. I hate calling it a planner because it's actually so much more. At first sight, I didn't like it. I didn't understand it. Ten minutes later (after reading over the enclosed instructions and checking the Cossac site), I was in love.

Most planners seem to be made to fit certain lifestyles. Usually, they are designed around people who work "regular" jobs. This one is perfect no matter what your day consists of. It's one of the first planners I've seen that someone could use - and I mean really use - whether they are a stay-at-home parent, working parent, student, or conventional employee. The whole idea behind this planner is to help you stay on track with whatever you are doing. For me, with my poor memory and organizing skills, this is just what I need. I can keep up with health appointments, medications, daily life hassles and commitments. Most important, it's going to be wonderful for helping me get on track and stay on track with writing projects.

Love this part!

If you feel overwhelmed by all that you have to do, or if you just want to be more focused or keep a record of goals and progress, this is an awesome planner. I am not exaggerating even a little bit.

This planner uses the organizing concept of general-to-specific.

When I did the review for this on Amazon, I tried to highlight some of my favorite features, so I'll run through them here:
  • The layout is structured so that the user can focus more on primary goals in a 6-month period - month by month; week by week; and/or day by day. I will probably use the monthly pages for medical appointments just to glance at. What I will use most are the weekly and daily pages for my writing projects. 
  • The paper is good quality for writing and not having a pen bleed through. (I am using a pencil in mine because I want to re-use!).
  • The hardcover binder has a really nice texture that I can only describe and "creamy" smooth. Best of all is that you can flatten the planner without damaging the binder because of the way it's made. 
  • I've already mentioned that this planner doesn't assume anything about the user; it's set up to work for every kind of occupation or lifestyle.
  • The planner is most helpful for keeping a user from getting overwhelmed with whatever they are busy with. Everything is set up as in a flow of review backward and plan forward. That's what will help me most at the end of the day - to see what I've done (or should have) and plan for the next day.
  • I love the way the Daily view is set up. It's constant reinforcement of what you "aim for" that day; what the general priorities are; more detailed "schedule/tasks"; a place to jot notes and ideas; then the review for the day. 
Pretty cool, yeah?

There are a couple of features I don't think I will even pay much attention to. There is a small space at the top of the Daily pages called a "Habit Tracker":

I guess that would be great for me to track my water-drinking habit but, nah, I don't dig that part so much. It could be great for someone who can use it, but I will be busy tracking appointment and writing projects.

There you have it. For better photos, go on over to the Amazon product page.

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DISCLAIMER: I received the product featured in the post either for free or at a discount, but not for writing this blog post.