Monday, October 29, 2018

**REVIEW** Boulder Rock Vape Pen

Vaping, like smoking, is for adults only. If you are NOT of legal age, this post has nothing for you! If you are a non-smoker, please don't start vaping. 

Of all the vape devices I have seen or heard of so far, this is the best value:

This pen costs only $8.99. That's it. That is less than the price of a pack of smokes back in Alaska. I got mine from the Electric Tobacconist because they are the fairest priced, efficient, and the most honest online shop I've found so far.

This Boulder Rock pen has a pretty sleek design and surprisingly sturdy for such an inexpesive item.

You not only get the vape pen, but also some juice. Okay, the juice is gross to me but that's because I do NOT like tobacco-flavored ejuice. And any freebie juice with a device is always tobacco flavored.

The best thing (other than for my health) about quitting cigarettes is not having to deal with the taste of tobacco. I find that I prefer the fruit flavored juices. Mango was a fave until I discovered this Strawberry-Apple-Watermelon blend. I just "lub" it.

Anyway, about the Boulder Rock Vape Pen...

My first impression was more "meh" than "yay". It took a few uses before I learned that I needed to draw longer on it to appreciate the juice. After getting spoiled to the tight mouthpiece on the JUUL and the Suorin Air that my SIL gave me, the Rock was very airy feeling. Now that I know how to draw on it (taking longer draws), I am starting to like it a lot.

I love the way it charges - and the way the charger end is protected with a cap. The cap stays firmly on so I'm not worried about losing it. When I am charging the pen, it sticks straight out from the port and doesn't stop me using other things plugged in next to it.

It's such a great size for tucking into the purse, pocket, or backpack pen compartment. It's larger than the JUUL (but cheaper) and you can see how it stacks up size-wise to the JUUL ($40) and the BLU ($20):

As you see, it's the biggest "pen" of the three, but then you have to come back to that price. In spite of the fact it's larger, it's still not huge or unwieldy. When I compare it to other things that I carry in my tiniest bag, it's a very modest size.

 And I haven't even mentioned the biggest advantage this has over those other more expensive pens.

The pod on the Rock is made to be refilled. You don't have to hack it like with the JUUL and BLU (which is totally doable - even with or without an accent).

That top part is the pod that holds the ejuice.

That soft, white plug is removable so that you can easily refill the pod. Bonus point: the hole is large enough for most eliquid bottle nozzles or droppers. To me, the fact that the Rock is made to be refilled makes it triple worth its value.

 Because most vapers don't go through a lot of juice when using pen pods, if this pen lasts only for a few 30ml sized bottles, I will have still gotten more than my money's worth. For the record, a 30ml bottle of juice lasts me about 2 months and I have not paid more than 10 or 11 dollars for a bottle of juice. Let's now compare the pods for the JUUL and the BLU.

  • JUUL pods hold  0.7ml and the pods come 4 to a packet that cost around 15 to 20 dollars per packet. 
  • A BLU pod holds 1.5ml each and a pair of pods runs around 10 to 12 dollars.
  • The Boulder Rock has refillable pods that can hold 1.5ml  and you can buy more pods for around 7 dollars a pair. 
So... for the price of a BLU pod, you can get the Rock pen and some juice. (We don't even need to discuss the JUUL situation.) Also, JUUL doesn't have a nicotine-free pod option. BLU has nic-free pods and, of course, you can easily fill the Boulder Rock with whatever strength juice you want.

All that is a win, win, win for Boulder Rock, in my opinion.

If I have to nitpick and think of one negative of this pen it's that I don't get as much of the flavor from the juice as I do with the JUUL and the Suorin Air. If pitted against the BLU, I'd say that the flavor intake is the same but the BLU has a much tighter air draw. Also, I did hear one reviewer mention that he's lost the cap that covers the USB port. I don't have that problem because mine happens to fit fairly snugly.

If someone I know decides to give up smoking for vaping, I would definitely tell them to bypass the JUUL and start with a Boulder Rock. Vaping takes getting used to and, while it's much cheaper (and as far as I know, healthier) than cigarette smoking, you can spend a lot of initial money just finding your groove with it. If I had started with this instead of the JUUL, I would still be vaping and out a lot less money.

To sum up the positives of this device:

  1. Costs less than a pack of cigarettes (in most places) and is almost as cheap as some disposables
  2. Good quality in spite of the cheap cost
  3. Lightweight but sturdy
  4. Convenient size
  5. Easy to charge (and has a cover over the USB)
  6. Made to refill & easy to refill
  7. Pods hold 1.5ml of liquid
  8. Extra (empty) pods are also inexpensive
  9. Has a good airflow
  10. Produces a good amount of vapor
  11. Button operated so you don't waste power accidentally when stored
  12. Charges fast and the charge lasts a long time (haven't timed it, but I have gone at least 6 hours between charges)
  13. And, once again: the price, the price, the price

I have to tell you guys how much I love not being a cigarette smoker. I'm excited that the next time I travel to visit family I won't have to worry about the stink, mess, and inconvenience to others, and the potential fire hazards that come with smoking. With my health issues, smoking cigarettes scared me in more ways than one.

This Boulder Rock vape pen is on my gift-giving list for the holidays. I know more than a couple of people who have been trying to ditch cigarettes. These pens are going to make the best gifts ever.


NOTE: Because I don't want to encourage kids (or non-smokers) to vape, I am not including product links in this post.