Monday, May 20, 2019

CBD Oil & Self-Medicating Shenanigans

When I tried Kratom, I didn't post about it as an actual review. That's because I didn't want to promote the use of it. Kratom has worked for me but the variables in dosage and effects are too, well, variable for me to even think about recommending its use. CBD oil, on the other hand, is, in my opinion, a much more stable type of product and I'm okay with doing a sorta-kinda review of the one I got from Hemp Bombs.

As you might know, I've been using Kratom to boost my energy and lift my brain fog. The brain fog is persistent but I do get great results as far as energy. The side effect I notice most is headaches. On the day I started trying the CBD oil, I'd already taken my morning dose of Kratom. My energy levels were up and I planned to get some stuff done around the apartment before I had to take my injection and be med-sick for a couple of days. Things did not go as planned.

The CBD oil I'm using is made for vaping. I add a little of it to whatever flavored eliquid I'm using and just vape as normal. There are some things I knew about CBD from friends who use it. It helps with stress and anxiety and chronic pain. It seems basically to work as a non-narcotic mind and body relaxant. What I didn't think about what just how relaxing the oil can be. I also didn't think about dosing.

So, I've slammed my Kratom-and-OJ-shot, made my it's-so-icky face and done my it's-so-icky shimmy. I've got floors to vacuum and mop, bed linens to swap out, blog posts to be written and scheduled. I'm Kratom-energized and ready but I'm letting myself get a little worked up and overwhelmed because my mind is also in creative mode and ideas are bouncing around out of control. This is when I remember that CBD oil is supposed to be calming. I decide to Frankenstein up my mood and balance the energy rush of the Kratom with the calming of the CBD. Perfect.

I put on my housecleaning music and added some of the CBD to the Vapewild Hannibal Nectar in my vape. (By the way, I chose the flavorless CBD oil so that it wouldn't interfere with my other vape juices.)


I don't remember exact times but let's just say that I took the Kratom at 8:30 and did about three good vape hits of CBD at about 9. At 9:10 I'm pulling out the vacuum and steam mop and am bopping around with Paolo Nutini because he and I have our new shoes on and everything is right. Everything was not only right but just about as perfect as could be. For a while.

It was about 9:15 when I started to think that I might need to sit down for a minute before I started cleaning.

I was feeling zero stress and all those formally bouncing and distracting idea I had have calmed themselves. The last thing I recall was thinking that my couch is a lot more comfortable than I describe it to friends. And if I thought about anything else, I will never know.

I 'm going to say that it was around 11:30 or a quarter till noon when I woke up from a full-on couch snooze.

People, let me tell you that I have never been so relaxed in my life. This wasn't a feeling of drunken or medicated relaxation. It was a more natural I-had-a-long-and-productive-day-then-laid-down-to-watch-some-TV-and-felt-like-drifting-off kind of relaxation. It was the type of relaxation usually only cats and newborn babies seem to master. I've seen depictions of heroin users and that nodding-off thing they do. I've never done drugs but I probably looked like I had that day.

There was no vacuuming or mopping - or even new shoes bopping - completed that day. It was all I could do to find my way to bed.

I "napped" (aka passed the hell out, open-mouthed and semi-comatose) for another half hour before I felt just too ridiculous laying in bed in the middle of the day when I wasn't sick. I made myself get up and I drank a lot of coffee and water so that I could at least get some lighter chores done. By 'lighter' I mean I managed to clean out some junk mail and sort some laundry in between non-narcotic nods. When I went to bed that night, I was out and sleep before nine. Just done and down for a 10-hour count.

The Complete truth
I'm not sure exactly how much CBD I put into the vape that first day. I know that my weekly injections are 0.8ml of medicine and I would say that I used maybe about half of that amount or even a little less of CBD oil.  And keep in mind that I mixed the oil into my regular vape juice and I only took a few hits off the vape.

Bottom line is that CBD oil can be powerful - though I understand that this depends on the quality/source. I now know that for daytime use I should put only a couple of drops of oil into whatever other ejuice I'm vaping. I won't be using the CBD as a nighttime sleep aid. For one thing, the Kratom is great for getting a good night's sleep - and I only need good rest, not long rest. I think I will save the CBD oil for when I do my injections. It will be nice to sleep clean through that nastiness.

Remember I told you I get headaches if I dose even a little too high with the Kratom? Well, even the tiny dose of CBD oil takes care of that. I guess it's true that people with chronic pain issues can benefit from the oil.

If you aren't into vaping, HempBombs (and other vendors) supply the oil in syrups, capsules, and edibles such as gummies. If you do vape and like flavored liquids, they have a decent variety. I'm no expert on CBD oil, but I think that I picked the right place for oil of good quality and pricing. Shipping was fast and I will be shopping with HempBombs again.


I did not receive product or any other compensation from the vendor mentioned in this post