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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Photographic Evidence (Ch-ch-changes!)

As you all know, I was diagnosed with this disease from the sick mind of some evil genius gene or something. Anyway, I've talked here about the physical changes the medicines have caused - Predinisone = weight gain; the other meds = hair loss, etc... Well, once again, there's nothing like pictures.

This was me right back in August or so of 2010, trying on clothes for a job interview
I ended up not getting the skirt. I thought it was too form-fitting for an interview. The point I'm vain about is that I am at my average weight of around 145lbs...

Here are other photos where I am a normal (for me) weight & with all my hair...

June 2010 my birthday lunch

Also 2010 on back deck with nephew Dre (and I had put on about 15lbs here!)

 Dec 2009 Houston @ a friend's house, trying on the Christmas present from my big sister in Anchorage. (It's the same outfit I am wearing above)

And...THIS is late July 2011. I'd been on prednisone since the 4th. This was just the beginning!
My niece, who is very pregnant right now, isn't much bigger than I have become. Every time I go to the doctors' now, I've gained. I go once a month & I've gone from 160 to 173 to 185 to 192 this last visit... My doctor and I try to joke about it, but it does cause problems. My body was not built to carry this kind of weight. I am small-boned. We all change as we age, of course, but as an example of my normal body type: at 21 when I got married, my wedding dress was a size 0 - and it still had to be taken in. To this day, no one in the family - including the younger children - can get into that dress. Do you know what my back feels like right now, lugging around this prednisone belly??? LOL SMH

The wedding pic. Man, I wish I had been smarter back then. If so, I'd still be married today to a pretty decent guy...

Was I ever really this young?...


This was fun. Think I will have to do another one when I go through the family pictures.


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