Sunday, December 04, 2011

Photographic Evidence (Weather)

Seeing beats hearing any day. Here's the weather I was complaining about a week or so ago:

The above is what the driveway looked like when I went out to shovel last week. HUGE amounts of snow.

This was the yard one morning after ANOTHER dumping of snow. (Mama would have LOVED this!)

This was a gorgeous morning treat. Too bad I only have my camera on the phone... :-(

And...drum roll, please.... THIS is looking out the upstairs window a few minutes ago...

My nephew took advantage of the first day of the warm weather and cleaned the drive down to the pavement. If only we'd known what we were in for, he could have just waited for it to melt down...

(Hey - I haven't done pics for a long time. I might have to do another quick post... right now! LOL)


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