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Friday, December 02, 2011


This is what I get for complaining about the snow and cold... The temp jumped to over 35 degrees & there is just a MESS out there on the roads. Some of us over on G+ were sharing weather complaints the other day, but that's when I was just complaining in general! LOL

Speaking of G+, oh how I dig it. Had a couple of little glitches at first, but now I have the hang of (most) of it. Best of all, there is so much interaction. I know that I had said I wasn't going to have a bunch of random people on my stream like I did with Facebook, but G+ is different - SOOO different. People don't have to know each other to touch bases. If someone posts an interesting news article and I "share" it, we'll both get discussions going on from both our "circles." It's an cool way to keep up on stuff and learn about things. (Nicest of all, I have circled & been circled by someone with a disease similar to my own. Good support for both of us.)

Health wise, I'm having a rough week. This cold is a fierce little annoyance. I can't tell when I'm having a Sarc cough or just a cold cough... I slept most of yesterday. I could not have gotten up if someone was giving away free diamonds... Little better today, still feeling draggy, but, hey, I'm alive.

Well, not much to post about today. I'm going to wander over and check out the blogs I'm following. Make it a good day, all!



  1. Hi, hope you feel better now:) Looking forward to read more from you:) Happy weekend!:)

  2. Hi sweetie.
    lol. You and that snow. I am sure it can make a mess eventually, just to taunt you. lol Anyway, google+ is alright, i'm just to damn lazy to go there. Time, i might use as an excuse. I hope that cold will get better though. Nasty thing to have.
    Maybe i should send you a diamond, i bet you will be out of that bed in a flash.
    Take care, will ya.

  3. Oh Berlina! You just would not believe this weather. Today it is up to almost 40 degrees. That's not something that happens here in the winter. I like it that it's warm, but, boy... what a mess to walk & drive in. Very dangerous.

    You HAVE to get over to Google+ I have to admit that I mostly play the games, but I have found some amazing creative types there: artists, photographers. Really nice.

    I had to laugh about the diamond. I didn't get one of those when I got married. Probably would have to sell it to pay bills! LOL but the thought was nice.

    Let me know if you go to Google+ & I promise to keep you guys up on the weather.


  4. Sure sweetie. Will let you know when i am there more.