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Recap: Detox Challenge


Seeing as I'm too bleary to even remember which day I stopped recapping, I'm just going to tell you how the rest of the detox went.

On whichever day I was supposed to be doing all fruits and veggies - I did. I did it a day early, in fact. Yeah. All that water I tried drinking obviously diluted the best of my brain cells.

Once I got off track (and had to keep looking back at the first post just to remember which day I was on), I decided to just stick with the fruit, veggies and water. I did okay until about 2 this morning. That's when I came wide awake to have a full-on anxiety attack.

I should have done this detox challenge at a better time. I started right when we had visitors coming into town (which meant lots of meals I had to cheat with or miss out on); I'm in the middle of trying to get packed to move; and I'm obviously feeling the stress to the point where my brain is rebelling against being on good behavior.

Oh - and to top all of the other stress going on, I got a jury summons. Really? I'm moving away, people! And, because I have a new doctor who's out on vacation, I get some stand-in who knows nothing about me. He refuses to write a disability excuse. I wish it was his jury I'd be sitting on. I can't keep my own life straight, but I'm supposed to sit in judgement of some other poor soul's fate?

Anyway, here is what I noticed overall about the last days of this challenge:

  • I only sensed some increased energy once. Since then, I just feel water-logged (even though I never made my water limit). My fatigue is hitting a high.
  • My mind isn't any clearer. The stress of moving may be causing some of that, but the challenge didn't help.
  • My skin is a lot less dry, including my lips. Usually, I have to use balm throughout the day to stop chapping. Even my feet (which are dry and rough as Arizona pavement in July) are not as scaly and don't take as much care.
  • I peed. Lots. And then lots more. 
  • My bowel movements didn't increase or decrease. (But I never did get around to drinking any prune juice.)
  • My hair feels great. Like my skin, it's lots less dry. It just feels really soft and moisturized.
I don't know what all of this means. I'm guessing that there is something in coffee that makes my brain work better. There might even be something in it that decreases my sarc symptoms. I say that because, when I decreased my daily coffee intake, I became a little more clumsy and off-balanced than I have been in a while. Again, this all could be due to my stress and anxiety levels. 

Since this challenge didn't go as well as I liked, I plan to do-over once I get settled in my new town and calmed down.



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