Friday, March 06, 2009

Not My Mama's Church

I don't know what I'd do without C&D pointing out this kind of foolishness to me. I'm still not sure if this is really a church or just somebody's creative rent party...

See, that right there is what's wrong with some churches today - not Christians and not Christ, but the churches. This is embarassing and sickening. Why not just invite Beyonce and her dancers in to do the singing while wearing something provacative? I just. don't. know. what. to. say. about. that. mess.

This makes no sense at all. None. I watched this and had to grit my teeth. I just wanted the Lord to show up right when acting a fool got so good to that choir "director." I don't know what makes me sadder - the fact that this happened or the fact that they took it so far. When did singing praise to the Lord start being about the singers glorifying themselves, or about the choir director showing her moves? And, by the way, those were some pretty sorry moves. Looked like she was having what my mother would call a 'conniption fit.' And by the other way, did that singer really believe she could sing well? Sing at all?


First of all, if they were going to put on that kind of show, those girls could have put on some good bras and girdles for that little walking-in number. All I saw (other than that really bad choreography) was bouncing titties and guts. Then, I could hear people actually laughing. Laughing like they were up in some kind of juke joint or something instead of a church.

Was this a real church? Where was the pastor or church mother or even just a regular person with some sense of reverence for a house of God?

If I am wrong - if I am being too judgemental or if I am missing anything worthy at all here, somebody let me know.