Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cold-Blooded (or maybe not)

Got a call from my brother down in AZ. He says he was over at the unemployment office (thank God, just to give a friend a ride there and back) and saw the funniest (or saddest) thing happen. Some brother was up in there and tried to "talk" to a woman who was there in line with a friend. Apparently, this woman got a little bit offended that a man would try to pick her up in the unemployment office. My brother says she looked this man up and down and went into a Broadway act.

"Lord Jesus, I KNOW I asked You to send me a man. I KNOW I've been praying for a man to come into my life. But Lord, LORD, I didn't mean for You to send him to me from the unemployment line!"

My brother says he just about fell over trying not to laugh. And I guess when the embarrassed REJECTED man slunk off, the woman still wasn't finished with her lament. She went on and on to her girlfriend standing there about why somebody would have the nerve to be up in the unemployment office scrounging for dates.

"What can he do for me? And what can I do for him? I have kids to feed with this money. Neither one of us has a job? And he's gonna come all up on me in the unemployment line?"

My brother says that the woman finally let her girlfriend calm her down, but - DANNNNG! That's embarrassing. I mean, can you imagine? And, according to my brother, the guy didn't even leave the office - he just went over and sat in a corner trying to look innocent.

Now. First off, I wanted to laugh at the guy. But then, I started thinking: this could have been like one of the moments in a Tyler Perry movie. I mean, the guy is out of a job (obviously), but he sees an attractive woman and tries to make conversation. Could turn out that they ended up being an encouragement to each other. Could be, she's the rock that holds him steady while he gets on his feet in life.

Yeah. Right.

On the other hand, that is a little pushy. Asking someone out when you need to be concentrating on getting yourself together. I mean - the unemployment office? Really?

So, I did think it was funny (although, knowing my brother, he probably exaggerated some of the story...)

What do you think? As a man, would you ask someone out while in the unemployment office? As a woman, would you be offended? Anybody feel sorry for this guy & think this woman was a little bit harsh?

I don't know what I think. I'm still just kind of shaking my head... **uh, uh, uh** Kinda made me think of the TLC song about "I don't want your number and I don't want to give you mine."