Monday, March 16, 2009

Playing Tag

Two things led me to do this post:

1. I read about Altovise Davis (Sammy Jr's widow) passing away. She was 65. 
2. I got to wondering what "middle-age" is. Found out it is defined as being aged between 40 and 60 years. (So...I've been middle-aged for SEVEN damn years & didn't realize this???)

That all kind of depressed me until I realized (modestly, of course) that no one who meets me believes I am over 35. That helps a little on most days. But, damn - I'm considered middle-aged! And not just middle-aged, but almost 10 years in... Wowwwww.

So. The post is going to be about 5 things I absolutely want to acheive before I die and 5 things I'm happy I have already done. Then I'm going to tag a couple of folks that I haven't messed with in a looooooong time. (Just because the idea of playing tag - even online - sounds young and fun!) Here we go:

5 Things I Wanna Do Before Dying
(sounds like a Tupac song, huh?)
  1. Lounge on a boat in the middle of a beautiful lake on a beautiful day. (Doesn't have to be a big boat - shoot, it can be a raft!)
  2. Take a cruise. (I don't know why exactly. I've never learned to swim because I'm afraid of deep water. And of drowning.)
  3. Walk on a beach at sunset. (A real beach - not the sandy, litter-filled trench that is called Goose Lake here in Anchorage...)
  4. Spend a night on a screened-in porch, talking and listening to night sounds, drinking something warm and comforting.)
  5. Walk around Paris or Rome just people-watching.
5 Things I'm Glad I've Already Done
  1. Held a newborn baby, smelling their skin and watching those little movements they make.
  2. Spent long evenings with my mother, laughing and talking about her childhood.
  3. Made up with my father & had wonderful times with him before he passed away.
  4. Gotten dirty and dusty and played for hours with my cousins on both sides of the family.
  5. Had a grown-up slumber party with a bunch of girlfriends.
I'm going to tag Supa and Soulfull and Mz Newy... Hope they catch it; I been out of touch for a long while! Go get it, sistas"