Friday, March 27, 2009


I kept hearing about it. I kept seeing little mentions on different sites. People had "Twitter Me" buttons on their blog.

Twitter. Twittering. Tweets. Tweeple.


So I went over and took a look. And, of course, joined.

I wonder if this makes me a Twit?

Twittering. Sounds a little naughty, doesn't it? Anyway, I am now a Twitterer. I'm not very good at it. It took me several days before I realized how to reply directly to people or respond to their tweets. Just last night I learned of something called "Following Fridays." Still not clear on what that means, but I did get a little surge in people "following" me.

Here's the thing about people. We all love to be "in," don't we? I can't tell you how excited I get when someone new decides to follow me. And once I learned how to search others to follow, I couldn't wait to follow folks like Anderson Cooper and Bill Gates. My biggest thrill so far? I opted to follow Barack Obama and - be still my heart! - Barack Obama is no following me! Yes! I know, it's great, huh? I mean, I'm pretty sure O Man isn't personally aware of ME, but, still... I have saved the notifying email in a special folder. I even copied and pasted the email into a Word file. I'm thinking of adding pics to the email and making it into my Desktop background...


I even convinced my niece and a friend to sign up for Twitter. Of course, I couldn't tell them much about how to use it, but, who cares? I now have two more "followers."

What I want to know from you guys is, exactly how do you use Twitter? Do you use it for networking or just making new friends and keeping up with them? What kind of stuff do you twitter about? And - most important - will you follow me?