Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Somebody's Pain

No post, really. Just wanted to ask that if you read this over at Supa Sister, you pass it along. Twitter it, Digg it, email it, print, paste and post it up at church, the youth center, wherever - just get it out there. We cannot keep on hurting each other this way.


WalMart Broke My Heart Today...

First off, let me say that I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a WalMart junkie. Well, "junkie" may be the wrong word. I'm not one of those people who shops WalMart just to spend money like I have nothing else to do. I shop there because it's pretty much all I can afford these days. Trying to be frugal during these hard times!

Some of you understand what I'm talking about: Need toothpaste? Wally's. Need writing paper? Wally's. See, I'm not one of those people you see just cruising the aisles and dumping in all the cool, As Seen On TV stuff. No, no, no. I'M the chick comparing the difference in price between Aveeno brand lotion and Equate brand lotion. (Let me quit playing and admit that Equate is my brand now. If they had lingerie, I'd be their spokeswoman.)

So, anyway, my sis & I went in this morning to do the usual shopping for neccessities. I got all my budgeted-for items and then I just happened to notice a really cute red computer case. I've been needing a computer case ever since I got my laptop for Christmas. I've been resisting getting a case because A) They usually cost too much, and B) They usually cost too much.

This particular bag I saw today caught me eye because of the cherry-red color, the style and roominess of the bag, AND the price marked so clearly right underneath: $17.95... I think I actually heard an angelic chorus when I saw that price. (I figured the price was cheap because the bag, while cute, is only vinyl. Soft vinyl, cute red vinyl, but just vinyl.) Of course, I was still having to think of what absolute neccessities I'd have to skimp on for a couple of weeks if I spent $18 on a bag for my laptop. (I was thinking I could really go a little light on the shampoo & conditioner and, maybe, you know, do without touching up my roots for a few weeks...)

My sister saw the bag and she agreed with me that it was too cute and too affordable to pass up. She even offered to cover the cost of my hair dye if my roots just got completely out of control before I was back on budget.

So, I'm finishing the rest of my shopping feeling all happy. Every now and then, I'd push my cart to the side of an aisle and just look at the computer bag. I hoisted it up on my shoulder a couple of times, checking the feel and all that. I already had plans for how I'd use all the little compartments: adapter,
here... my writer's notebook, here, in this handy side-pocket...

By the time I got to the checkout counter, my sister was teasing that she'd hadn't seen me so happy since I was about 9 and got my little suitcase record player. I just kept grinning, thinking that maybe I hadn't been so happy in that long. (And how sad is that?)

The clerk rang up the bag first, of course. 



I stopped her before she rang up anything else. I explained that the bag was supposed to be $17.95. She explained that I'd probably looked at the wrong price sticker on the shelf. I explained that I saw a $17.95 price sticker
right under a row of these same bags. She explained that somebody probably moved the bags to the wrong position. I told her to keep the damn bag. She kept the damn bag.

Yeah, so my heart is broken. I mean, if I hadn't gotten so
attached to the red bag. If I hadn't already named the red bag (yes, I named it, but I'm unable to speak that name just now; I need more healing time), if I hadn't made such big plans for me and the red bag. I mean, I had started thinking of which of my clothes would go best with that bag.


I think it's gonna be a while before I can visit that particular aisle in WalMart. I'm thinking that, for now, I just need to recover from my letdown. Send some strength and solace my way, won't you?