Saturday, March 10, 2012


I haven't bothered with my old blog where I used to post different sites from around the web. I miss it a little, so here's some random stuff for you:

Brie-cicles... She's Joy, she's a baker. The site's amazing. The  brie-cicles are my favorite.  Bookmark her site.

Portable Apps... Found this site of cool sites on a G+ post. Been hooked since then. Go and explore.

Count your calories, or... let Calorie Count do it for you. I'm doing the whole getting my fat-a$$ into shape thing. I'm using other resources I'll school you on, but this is my fave for checking nutrition labels. (And, no, you don't have to sign up to use, but it would be nice & will give you greater access to the tools there.)

My Fitness Pal... is, so far, my favorite online fitness journal source. For one thing, there is an accompanying phone app that actually works on my Blackberry. For another, it seems a little more user-friendly than the others I have tried so far. Of course, that's me, you might like one of these others...

  • FitDay - Has iPhone app. Kind of pushes the premium services. 
  • Live Strong - Can use Facebook to connect (boo, hiss). Partner of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. 
  • Everyday Health - has "My Calorie Counter" buried in the site. (I started out using this one but switched to Fitness Pal.) MCC is in midst of changes, so it's not very user-friendly. I found it difficult to navigate through the different menus... So, meh, your call.
  • Calorie Count (mentioned above) - has same tools as most of these sites. I haven't tried them yet.
That's a start, but there are others I haven't even really looked at (My Food Diary, My Net Diary, Fit Click & so on... my oh my!)

Well, I had a few more items to add, but I got carried away with the food diaries. Now I have to go and deal with my offline life, so I will try to get back another time and add more random things.


Oh... Screeech!!! Back up, back up...

I forgot to add Ideeli - a shopping site. Tho I am too dang broke to shop there (yet), I have fallen in love with their purses and boots. (I get weak for 3 things other than a good man: perfume, purses & boots, yes ma'am). Ideeli doesn't do fragrances, but that's what Sephora's is for. Meantime, are these boots just too freaking hot to trot??? Then again, I'm no longer the clothes whore I was as a younger woman!

I am a little disappointed in the Shoe section. Nothing simple-sexy-classic - just a bunch of clunky looking things. No one makes a really pretty heel anymore...

Anyway, Ideeli has most of what you'd want to browse for. I didn't check out the jewelry - jewelry is personal & I don't like to glob it on;each piece should be really special. There are plenty of known "labels," if that's your thing. BTW - it's a "join" site, but you don't have to do so just to browse.