Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ways to Screw Up Love

No preface to this one, except to say that you are never too old to learn.

  1. Not wanting happiness as much as we want to be envied. Maybe we confuse the two. Probably we do.
  2. Choosing lovers (or friends) with one part of our body or mind. Some of us are still picking relationship partners without ever consulting any part of our brain.
  3. Not realizing that most love is not like rice - instant and hot. Sometimes, the best love is a marinated friendship.
  4. Letting money or power or position get in the way. Theirs or ours. 
  5. Always looking for love. There are times in life when we need to just let things be.
  6. Caring too much what others think. When you live your life based on the expectations and standards of others, you're really living their life, not your own. 
  7. Letting the idea of ourselves get in the way of our reality. Kind of like Number Four on this list, but sillier. This is why so many of the young and beautiful end up old and alone. Some of us need to see ourselves - body and soul - through today's mirror.
  8. Shining such a bright light on the flaws of others that we can't see our own. You probably know at least one physically not-so-hot person who wants only the best of looks in a partner. At least they know how to dream.
  9. Always "going for" the wrong type. For one thing, no one should really have a "type." Having preferences seems cool, but having a "type" seems... jaded.
  10. Confusing love with lust. (See Number Three.) If you fall in love with tits or ass, what happens down the road? 
And I'm not preaching. These are all things I've talked about with Me and Myself. Just thought I'd share.